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Tanya review for Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramley

on April 20, 2015

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Tanya review for Ivy Lane  by Cathy Bramley

I saw a lot of the reviews as the season in this book were released but I made myself hold off until the book as a whole was released and then the lovely Sophie Hedley sent it to me. It was worth the wait.

Tilly Parker needs the time to mend in a fresh area from a tragic event and a move to a new area with a great start teaching part time in a school is just what she needs. Tilly starts her new job in the New Year in a primary school in the market town of Kingsfield and also gets given a plot of land on a local allotment at the same time. She wants to go to the allotment for peace and quiet and to be left alone however this is not the case when she goes to Ivy Lane and the friendliness and even the bossiness of the allotment community take hold. The result is that she finds friends and has another focus in her life. It is even responsible for the addition of a pet. . It’s interesting to see the changes in Tilly and the knock on affect her attitude has on others.

Even though she forms a great bond with many of the fantastic allotment holders and becomes part of a very exciting time for the members of Ivy lane it is a long time before she opens up to her best friend Gemma about her past experiences.

The book is refreshing in the fact that the characters are all so likeable and you see such a change in many of them. From the first page I was hooked on the story and my love for the book continued throughout. I felt like I was there at the allotment and it reminded me of many happy hours that I spent at our allotment prior to my health problems. The characters in this book were all so different and each was recognisable through their way of speaking.

Other than Tilly I think my favourite character is Gemma. I love how she uses her beauty knowledge and skills to her advantage and also how she becomes such an important person in Tilly’s life. Let us face it who doesn’t need a friend that will drop everything for you at a tearful phone call. Gemma is so different to her mum, although at times you can see similarities and I loved the missing school scene in the book as it adds another snippet of information making the characters alive.

I don’t want to spoil the book by describing the characters in depth or the story line all I can say is that the characters are some of my favourite that I have read in books this year.

I cannot praise this book enough and am know going to buy Appleby Farm



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