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How to Fly with Broken Wings By Jane Elson

on April 26, 2015

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How to Fly with Broken Wings
By Jane Elson
suzanne review

Willem has Asperger’s Syndrome and is obsessed with planes and flying. He has a model spitfire in his pocket, which gives him comfort and support. When his teacher gives him the assignment to make two friends Willem does everything he can to pass her test. Unfortunately making friends isn’t easy for Willem. The boys from the Beckham estate bully him and he can’t escape them. When Finn tells him to jump he has to jump and that results in a serious injury.

Sasha doesn’t want the boys to bully Willem. She likes him and becomes his first friend. When the gangs on the estate start a riot he needs her to help him out. Sasha wants to fly as badly as Willem and finally he can share his love for planes. Archie tries to stop the riots and it seems like he can do what nobody else can. He even has a plane for Willem and Sasha to admire and maybe even to fly in. When Finn joins their group Willem thinks he’s found his second friend, but does Finn really have a change of heart or is he still the mean bully Willem needs to fear?

I liked the idea of this story very much. Friendship and flying are wonderful themes which made this story great. There’s a lot going on at the estate, dangerous things done by young boys who think they rule the world. Archie is the only one who can change the situation. He gives them something to do. He’s also very kind to Willem and Sasha and because of him their friendship can blossom. I liked the way they are looking out for each other. Sasha has a choice to make and she makes it with her whole heart. The bullying is rough and crude, it’s dangerous and the boys are merciless. Because of some heavy situations I think this is a children’s book that’s more suitable for adults. It’s really good and I liked it a lot

One response to “How to Fly with Broken Wings By Jane Elson

  1. I would like to read this to see how they portrayed the Aspergers. Suz sounds right though when she says it sounds more adult than children.
    Amanda. x

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