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Bubble Trouble’ written by Sheila Sweeny Higginson

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Bubble Trouble’ written by Sheila Sweeny Higginson.

Blurb: Doc loves popping bubbles with her friends Emmie and Alma. When Bubble Monkey runs out of soap, Alma fills her up again, but something’s terribly wrong. Will Doc be able to figure out why Bubble Monkey still can’t blow bubbles?

A lovely, colourfully illustrated book based on the popular Disney Junior Doc McStuffins tales.


Doc plays with her friends Emmie and Alma, popping bubbles that their favourite toy Bubble Monkey blows everywhere. Bubble monkey runs out of bubbles. Alma fills it up but it stops working so Doc has to perform a check-up! She does different tests and finds the diagnosis. She shares with Emmie and Alma what was wrong with the bubble monkey and they head back to the garden to see if Doc fixed their favourite toy! At the end of the story it gives tips on eating well!

Every page is illustrated with beautiful scenes that match the story line, this helps to keep my 4yr old interested whilst she’s being read to and she also asks about what is in the pictures too! A fab book to read with meaning behind it to teach children how to look after themselves!

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The story features greedy businessman Zachary Zigstack, who is working with the grubby Slapstyx goblins to make sure everyone buys his disgusting detergent. This putrid product ends up in the sea, turning it into toxic slime, and the sea spirits are frightened for the creatures they care for. Astral-travelling twins Georgie and Gem must spy on the Slapstyx and find a way to stop their dirty dealings with Zigstack before all the sea creatures are destroyed.
I loved this book i would like to thank Annabelle for letting me read and review as part of Rosie Amber book review team
This book 185 pages so a nice size for children to read i say it be good for children over 6 years old a nice bed time book or for older children to read themselves

This book very modern i say most days in my houses were all this mess and dirty come from well now i know it a great fun idea but also helps children to understand just what harsh cleaning products can do to the environment it put across in a great fun way
I really like the family and the twins were so nice children i felt for them getting the blame for all the dirty each day
I wish I could dreamwalk it sounded so much fun but sometimes it get them in a mess or trouble but this does not stop them it a game to them a bit of fun i liked how they dealt with their mum and dad
This book seem to catch Sophie attention she sat and read in a night after i read it she enjoyed reading it she 13 so great for any age she like the goblins and how they made the dirty it made her smile she enjoyed all the action that was going on she seem to enjoy the magical concept of the story it worked so well it just makes your imagination go into overdrive your there with them Sophie wanted to help the twins she like all the characters she loved the book

I would like to see this book as a film or cartoon it would be fun to see the characters come to live on tv but as you read you can see the characters and creatures in your mind
The story just flows so well i loved all the characters they seem so real and likeable but one or two were not so nice but this just add the humour and fun of the book
The dad was so lazy but what a great job he did or did he?
I really enjoy this book i look forward to read more of Annabelle books
A great fun read for children but i enjoy it so

I’m a children’s author living on the South Gower coast in South Wales, in an area of outstanding natural beauty that could be a model for Fairyland. When I’m not writing, I rescue ex-racing greyhounds and lurchers.
Find me on Amazon http://Author.to/AFranklin
Visit my blog http://annabellefranklinauthor.wordpress.com
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Mandy Miller disappeared from Hallow’s End when she was just 3 years old. She was never found.

Thirty years on, Elaine Ellis is carrying her mother’s ashes back to Hallow’s End to scatter them in the place that she once called home. Elaine has never been there, but it’s the only place Jean talked about while she was growing up – so it seems as good a place as any.

As Elaine settles into her holiday cottage in the peaceful Devonshire village, she gets to know the locals; family she never knew she had, eccentric and old-fashioned gentry, and new friends where she would least expect them. But she is intrigued by the tale of the missing girl that the village still carries at its heart, and which somehow continues to overshadow them all. Little does she know how much more involved in the mystery she will become


I would recommend you all read this wonderful book is so gripping to read such a great mystery

Ann writing style is so easy to follow she so clever at just pulling you into the story and hooking you there her description are so good I could see Hollows End in my head it sounded so creepy and the people that live there seem so odd what did you think ?

The story packed with drama and some very good twists it a read page turner for me i just want to know what was going to happen next the twists are so good

The story revolves around this creepy village 30 years ago Mandy a three year old when missing was she dead ? Now Elaine return with her mum ashes to the village her mum grow up in soon things start to unravel lots of hidden secrets come to light did you guess any ? Some will keep you guessing some were very deep and dark

Brodie was Mandy sister she seem to live in Mandy shadow she had never met her soon she and Elaine become very friendly both seem to have a very tough life so you read you will see the secret being to be uncovered you will be grip by them

Ann done a brilliant job of giving up small glues or secret one by one this will just hook you some were so shocking

Elaine was a great character she seem very shy and very withdrawn my heart when out to her i felt her mum had a hold over her did you ?

I like the friendship her and Brodie had both so different to each other

All the characters seem to real to me some were very wried and odd but they all seem to weave into the story line so well you will soon be part of this community

Ann brought a different and difficult subject into the story line i felt she dealt with the metal health issues very well it was told with such care

I enjoy all the different subplot you are left guessing the twist and the end just brilliant i really did enjoy this book I found it so captivating and very thought provoking

I recommend you all read this wonderful book

I would like to thank Rebecca for letting me be part of this book tour and thank you to the author Ann and publisher for sending me a copy to read

Ann has so kindly gave me a £5 Amazon voucher from one lucky winner please leave me a comment today on my blog before Saturday 30 th may


The Truth Will Out – Jane Isaac

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The Truth Will Out – Jane Isaac

Eva is horrified when she witnesses an attack on her best friend. She calls an ambulance and forces herself to flee Hampton, fearing for her own safety. DCI Helen Lavery leads the investigation into the murder. With no leads, no further witnesses and no sign of forced entry, the murder enquiry begins.

Slowly, the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. But as Helen inches towards solving the case, her past becomes caught up in her present.

Someone is after them both. Someone who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And as the net starts to close around them, can Helen escape her own demons as well as helping Eva to escape hers?

My review

I bought this book on sunday when it was on daily deal from amazon and i could not put it down once i settled down with it on sunday night.

The opening chapter of this book is very scary and very believable in the world where skype and facetime is very popular, Eva must have thought she was watching a scene out of a horror movie but in fact it was real and her best friend was being attacked there was nothing Eva could do but run.

Jane uses multiple viewpoints throughout the story keep up the pace and tension. We as the reader seems to be one step ahead of DCI Helen Lavery, which works really well but there are still shocks in store for the reader.

I really like that there was strong female characters in this book and i really liked how Jane has made DCI Helen into an everyday woman she is a single with two teenager boys and she like the rest of us is in constant battle with the home/ work life balance.

I think Jane writing is clear, flowing and straight to the point. This is my first read of Jane’s but the Truth will out is the second in the series and i am on the lookout for the first one as i love series and this series will be one to look out for

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Single Woman Seeks Revenge by Tracy Bloom

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Single Woman Seeks Revenge by Tracy Bloom

The Blurb:
Suzie Miller, a disillusioned agony aunt, can’t believe she’s been dumped from a great height yet again (this time by text, straight after they’ve had sex… twice!). So she decides the time is right to make every one of her exes feel the pain she felt when they carelessly cast her aside.

Her methods are unusual but humiliation on a grand scale is no less than they deserve.

Euphoric that she’s finally stood up for herself she starts suggesting outrageous ways for her readers to deal with their relationship nightmares too. Suddenly everyone wants Suzie’s advice. Finally content with being single and enjoying her blossoming career it seems as though happiness is within her grasp. That is until a man gets in the way.

Single Woman Seeks Revenge is a romantic comedy with a kick: a kick up the backside to any man who believes he got away with treating a woman badly and to any woman who doesn’t fight back.

What I think:
I feel in love with Tracy Bloom’s writing when I read No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday last year, and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed Single Woman Seeks Revenge just as much.
The book starts by introducing us to Suzie Miller, an agony aunt for a local magazine, who has just been dumped, by text, by a work collegue that she was madly in love with. Sick of giving out rubbish advice, she decides that both the woman who write to her and she herself needs to get revenge on the men that are treating them badly.

With this in mind, Suzie sets out to meet up with any guy that has treated her badly in the past and finally get revenge on them. The book follows Suzie on her quest to get her own back on any man who has ever treated her badly, while also following her new column in the paper telling other woman how to get revenge on their men.

I loved No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday and I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas), and I was delighted when I got my hands on this book. This book is written in typical Tracy Bloom style and had my laughing from the word go. I couldn’t put this book down once and started it and I absolutely flew through it, and was disappointed when it was over.

Each one of Tracy’s books is funnier than the next, and I look forward to reading from her very soon. Full of humour, this book is the perfect summer read.
4/5 stars

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Truly, Madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot

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Truly, Madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot

Sun, sea and a sexy stranger – a whole lot of fun just got a whole lot more complicated… Capable, confident and career-driven, Ellen had her dream job and a marriage proposal from boyfriend Ross. Life was good, her future set. Until it wasn’t and everything fell apart… Whisked off to the beautiful island of Corfu to plan her sister Lacey’s big, fat, Greek wedding, Ellen is hoping some time out will help clear her head and heal her heart. But letting go of her past is not going to be easy. With Lacey in full on Bridezilla mode, Ellen is soon distracted from her own problems. And when the all-inclusive treats on offer at hotel Blue Vue include one gorgeous, brooding Adonis – Yan – Ellen finds him difficult to resist. But Ellen isn’t looking for love or lust, or anything involving too much ouzo…or is she?
This book brilliant i can not praise it enough you all got to read the perfect summer book

The cover just caught my attention i love it as you start to read you will be transported into this wonderful sunny and warm island of Corfu you will start to imagine your there with them not here in uk with with the rain like i got now as doing my review

Lacey and Ellen are sisters both so very different
I found Ellen more stress that Lacey Lacey seem to be more carefree happy go lucky kind of girl
Ellen could be uptight she seem to carry the weight of the world around with herself when she did not need to but she was a fab character

Lacey as i said was more carefree just so different she never seem to worry she was so full of confidence she could be a bit over powering at times i found i just wanted Ellen to stand up for herself
The banter was so good between them i loved both of them it makes a great fun read

Lacey is planning her wedding at the Blue Vue hotel in Corfu she and Ellen are there to plan and sort it out
You just know things will not go to plan along come Yan and Sargel two very handsome and sexy guys from the hotel animation team the girls were not expecting to be carry away by this part of handsome men

Yan has a few secrets that come to light
The looks that are going on between him and Ellen are so good this just hooked me into the plot is so good i just need to know what was going to happen next it all about two people helping each other out can they move on from both their pasts and have some fun

All the characters were so wonderful i can not praise this book enough you all must read it so good it packed with fun ,sun ,family ,wedding,love,relationships and trust plus a wonderful collection of character that will just jump out the pages at you you will be there with then all enjoy the fun that going on

The book just got it all a fab summer book lots of fun please read for you self it so brilliant it will just hook you into the story line it so wonderful written the characters seem to jump put the page at you i really enjoy it
I would like to thank candlelit for letting me read and review as part if this tour
5 dolls (5stars)


Ever heard of the Famous Five or Secret Seven?

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Ever heard of the Famous Five or Secret Seven?
Yes or no

most children will have read a Enid Blyton book


Most of us adult will say yes i think


Enid Blyton was born on the 11th of August 1897, in East Dulwich, England and died on the 28th of November, 1968, aged 71, in Hampstead, England.

Enid Blyton is estimated to have written over 800 books, in a period of approximately 40 years.
Enid Blyton used the pen name ‘Mary Pollock’ at times.

Enid Blyton typically wrote adventure, mystery and fantasy books for children.

Enid Blyton has been most famous for her Famous Five, Secret Seven, and the Noddy series.

Enid Blyton worked as an author, a poet and a teacher.

Enid Blyton married two men: Hugh Pollock (from 1924 – 1942) whom she divorced, and Kenneth Waters (from 1943-1967).
Enid Blyton’s books have sold over 600 million copies.

Enid Blyton tried several times over a number of years to get her work broadcasted by BBC and eventually in 1954 some of her work was aired.

Even though Enid Blyton remains a popular children’s author, her work has been long scrutinised due to its sometimes racial insensitivity and gender stereotyping, and the suggestion that she was a second rate, long-winded author.

Enid Blyton wrote her books on a typewriter perched on her lap. She claimed that she didn’t plan her stories in advance, allowing her imagination to take her from the beginning of a book to the final scene. She was able to write 10,000 words of publishable story in one day!

Despite being a well-loved writer, it seems that Enid Blyton wasn’t a very pleasant person. She cheated on her husband, and when they were going through a divorce she tried to stop him seeing their children. Her daughter, Imogen, said Enid Blyton was “arrogant, insecure and pretentious”.

Enid Blyton’s first published book was Child Whispers. It was a book of poetry and came out in 1922 She was still working as a teacher at this point, and wrote in her spare time.

Enid Blyton died on 28th November 1968. She was 71 years old. She was cremated and her ashes are held at Golders Green Crematorium.

My favourite book was The book of brownies
The blurb
Hop, Skip and Jump are three naughty brownies who love to play tricks. But when a wicked witch tricks the tricksters and has them capture the little fairy-princess Peronel for her, they are turned out of fairy land by the angry king.

What was your fav book ?

I loved all her books they were very much part of my childhood and still are very much loved today by children of all ages and adult both wonderful author.




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Awful auntie by David Williams
Review by sophie age 11
The blurb
From number one bestselling author David Walliams comes another heartfelt but hilarious hoot of an adventure

Stella Saxby is the sole heir to Saxby Hall. But awful Aunt Alberta and her giant owl will stop at nothing to get it from her. Luckily Stella has a secret – and slightly spooky – weapon up her sleeve…

What sophie says

To start of it wasn’t one of the best David Walliams books I’ve ever read but not the worse. My favourite part is where the young girl meets the ghost in the cellar. Also I found the letter of complaint from Raj funny and there is even an online potition to sign to bring him back on the next book. Near the end there is a part where she is tricked by her Aunt which I found very clever.

The illustrations were amazing once again and I enjoyed looking at them.

a lot of people that I know like this book but weren’t amazed by it. I would recommend this book to 11yrs and down. Overall I would give this book a three out of five but I will most definitely be reading this again.


A great review Sophie thank you for doing for me x AJ


The boy in the dress by David Walliams

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“A great comic tale… Walliams is a natural wit” – Evening Standard

“Well written, funny, touching” – Observer

“A passionate celebration of individuality” – Telegraph

“Believable characters and a story that’s original and intriguing” ***** – Heat

The sparkling debut children’s novel from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children’s author in the country, with sparkling new cover look to tie in with later books.

Dennis was different.

Why was he different, you ask?

Well, a small clue might be in the title of this book…

Charming, surprising and hilarious – The Boy in the Dress is everything you would expect from the co-creator of Little Britain. David Walliams’s beautiful first novel will touch the hearts (and funny bones) of children and adults alike.


Firstly I must thank Suzanne for sending me a copy of this book to review. I had seen the television production of it and thought that seeing as I have not read a book by David Walliams I thought it would be a good one to start with.

The story is certainly original and set in modern times which is a nice change for quite a few children’s books that I read. The title really says it all and the book is a about a football loving boy called Dennis that is being brought up by his dad and living with his brother, John, in a house where there is no mention of his mum. He finds this very difficult and has no one to speak to about his feelings. He gets thrown into the company of the coolest girl in school Lisa during detention and they strike up an unusual friendship.

Lisa likes to design and make clothes and talks Dennis into wearing one of her numbers as a joke. The challenge goes a little far when he wears it to school one day and has to pretend to be a French exchange student. Not a great idea when one of the lessons for the day is French!!

The characters are fun and they are not to in-depth so the children reading the book can get to know them quickly and soon laugh along with them.

I love the asides in the book where David Walliams as the author is talking to the reader. It makes you laugh and is a great break to the story.

My daughters are looking forward to reading this book now and hopefully some of his others too.


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Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Ben thinks his Granny is old and boring, whose favourite pastime is eating cabbage. But when Ben has to go and stay with his Granny for a few nights, he soon realises that she is much more interesting than he thinks because she’s a jewel thief. So Ben and his Granny go on a quest, to steal the crowned jewels. As the story progresses the bond between Ben and his Granny grows stronger and stronge, which added an emotional ele…ment to the book.

From the very first page this book had me laughing out loud, so I’m sure it would be a sure winner with children on that note. But what I liked most about the book was that it had a certain depth to it, that you don’t often find in children’s books of this nature. It had funny parts. But it also had sad parts, which I’m sure many of the children reading this story can relate to.

Walliams has written a great feel good book full of laughs and also touching emotion. I really enjoyed reading this book and the bond between grown up and child had a real Matilda feel to it, which was my favourite book growing up. I loved it from start to finish and I’m sure it is a real winner with children too.

About the Author
Since 2008 David Walliams has taken the children’s literary world by storm. His most recent book DEMON DENTIST, immediately went to no.1 in the children’s chart and sold over half a million copies in less than a year, while the PBs of his previous titles dominate the UK charts. Today, David is the fastest-growing children’s author in the UK. His books have been translated into 40+ languages and sold over 4 million copies in the UK alone. David’s books have achieved unprecedented critical acclaim – and both RATBURGER and DEMON DENTIST won the National Book Awards Children’s Book of the YEAR


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An enlightening story about a little girl named Nika who didn’t want to take care of her clothes and toys. One hazy morning when Nika opened her closet, she discovered that it was empty. Her clothes had disappeared! What had happened to her shirts and pants? Where did her favorite dresses, coats, and socks go? Why did they leave her with just her pajamas on this misty morning? Will they come back? Taking a closer look at her room, Nika starts thinking about her attitude toward her clothes and toys. “How easy it is to lose something you love so much.” She learns an important lesson at the end of this story. Watch your children have a blast reading this story while learning valuable lessons.


WOW we both loved this book I would say it aim at children over 5 years old
The illustrations are so vibrant and so very different it felt the illustrations make a young child want to read more there so much going on in the picture it was great to just sit and talk about what we see in the images
This book will help children to show respect for their belongings
This little girl neglects and abuses her toys and clothes
Then one day her clothes go missing she loves her clothes so much and her toys
Nikka was a naughty at the start just like all kids are with her things but soon she learns to respect them
i loved then way Mrs D wrote this wonderful story it just keeps the child imagine going
I asked Erin about the book
I love the pictures the colours are so bright and fun the story good it made me laugh i had to put my things away but sometimes i do leave things on the floor
We talked about putting things away and why you should
It a nice bedtime reads as only 44 pages a nice read for older children to read themselves
A lovely book
I can not recommend enough

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Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series – Linn B Halton + Giveaway

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: Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series – Linn B Halton + Giveaway!

Take a spiritual tour of some of the loveliest book blogs with the complete Falling: Angels Among Us series. Full of troubled romance, difficult destinies and other-worldlyquestions, you’ll be Falling too, for ‘intuitive’ author Linn B Halton, as you discover a host of reviews, supernatural guest posts and an angelic giveaway.
What they say:

Ceri thinks she sees angels…everywhere. She struggles to keep separate what feels like two very different sides to her life. As a manager in an advertising company she’s been working with the gorgeous Alex for two years. The have a friendship based upon the image she portrays whilst she’s at work and it helps to keep her sane. One mad, crazy night spent sharing their secrets and a lot of wine result in them ending up in bed together and their relationship changes. When Alex explains that the reason he doesn’t date is because someone broke his heart, how can Ceriadmit that she feels a deep connection to him?

Ceri knows she’s different. What she doesn’t fully appreciate is that her task in life is to correct a series of incidents that alter the course of many of the people’s lives with whom she comes into contact. She’s simply putting right little errors that could ripple outwards and change the course of their destiny. However; when she finds herself getting pulled into things that happen around her, how can she prove that she really has made a difference? Is it all in her head?

She’s alone for a reason; she’s not meant to fall in love in her earthly life. Alex is supposed to cross paths with her and help Ceri during a phase where she begins to question the signs she’s being given. It’s meant to be a turning point for them both—but in opposite directions. They are destined to travel very different paths…but Ceridoesn’t know that and neither does Alex…

“No one chooses to see angels, why would they?”

This is a romance story that explores the possibility of there being something more than just the ‘here and now’. If that were the case, how would it work? What keeps us on the path determined for us, when we have free will? How would the spirit world link with us as we go about our lives? Love is a powerful emotion, but can it change the course of someone’s destiny? Ceri is ‘Falling’

Aj book review club's photo.


I really enjoy this book I enjoy Lyn writing style it just flows so easy along .The book packed with emotions it got lots of highs and lows . I liked the spiritual angle it seem to mix in so well with the story and all the romance

Ceri a great character she on a journey of self discovery she has a very special gift she can help people as she can sense the presence of angles

Alex can help her sometimes but he can not stay around why i here you ask? Ceri should never be or fall in love with him but he was such a good support to her they both are so in love with each other but they know it a forbidden love

I enjoyed read all about it so will you i like reading as one book it was a roller coaster of a ride it packed with emotions , drama and a little touch of psychic was a great mix it a very thought provoking read it will stay in your mind after you finish reading

Please have a open mind when reading it a great story very well written great characters you will laugh cry with them it a lovely love story of true love

A great read

Read The First Chapter
Click Here To Buy This Book
Author Bio

Bristol-born Linn B Halton lives in the small village of Lydbrook, which nestles on the edge of the Forest of Dean, in the UK. She resides there with her husband and feline with ‘catitude’- Mr Tiggs.

Aj book review club's photo.
Linn began writing in March 2009 and her debut novel was published in February 2011. In a recent interview Linn was asked about genres:

“From a very young age I knew romantic fiction was always going to be my genre. I am, and will always be, madly in love with love! Whether that’s love of life, a partner, or the things I’m passionate about.

My stories are about love, life and real relationships – but romance is always the one thing that holds each story together. Often there’s a light, psychic touch and I never dreamed I would write drawing upon my personal psychic experiences. But as my interest and understanding in the subject has grown, it is now such a part of my life that it finds its way into my fictional tales. However, what is heartening is that most of my experiences have been uplifting and it’s wonderful to know loved ones are around me always. I hope it will make readers stop and wonder ‘What if?’

The result is that I get a lot of mail from readers who have had similar experiences and some are sharing theirs for the first time with me. I always feel that’s something rather special and for which I’m very grateful.”

Love, life and beyond… but it’s ALWAYS about the romance!

Linn is published by HarperImpulse and Sapphire Star Publishing.Linn is the managing editor of LoveahappyendingLifestyle emagazine.

Author Links

Website | Twitter | Facebook |Loveahappyending Lifestyle emagazine

Research for Falling and the Angels Among Us series

The idea for this series began over five years ago. I’ve always been in touch with the ‘intuitive’ side of my nature, although it was many, many years before I could finally say I was no longer a sceptic. It’s easier to ignore things that happen or explain them away – trick of the light, imagination, tired eyes, than it is to face up to what it means. We all want to believe our loved ones are still with us, but isn’t that simply wishful thinking? It wasn’t really until my husband and I had our first shared experience that I could admit to myself I’d had more than enough validation. It was a turning point for me and since then there have been moments when I (and my husband) have been truly astounded.

During the years I was unable to find time to write I kept a journal of ideas and this series was one of those entries. I realised too that it would take a lot of research. I might have had psychic experiences since I was a young child, but I didn’t really know anything about angels. It took about three years in total to read up on various theories and piece together what fitted with what I’d been experiencing. I even attended two Gayatrimantra chanting sessions, which feature in ‘Falling’. However, because I’ve been to many mediums and clairvoyants over the years, both for one-to-one sessions and at group venues, I also had a lot of personal experiences to draw upon.

Not only was the research necessary for me to write this series, but it was also meaningful for me on my own life’s journey. The person I am today is very different from the one I was back when I first instinctively knew I would (some day) write a book. I have been told I could become a medium, but that was never of interest to me. A spiritual friend told me that maybe I was meant to write psychic romance so that people who’d had experiences and never told anyone, might read one of my stories and feel they weren’t alone. I hope that’s true. But for me, writing will always be about the ROMANCE.
Press to enter good luck to you all

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Terms and conditions
Swag bag prize is UK only. Ebook prizes are international and format will be decided at the competition close.Linn B Halton and CandleLit Author Services reserve the right to cancel and/or amend the giveaway at any time and without prior notification. Linn B Halton and CandleLit Author Services are not responsible for the non-delivery of prizes

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