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on May 3, 2015

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Thank you for your help with this post all of you x


i love the feel of a book but my kindle better as holds more great for work and as small takes up no room as my book overtake my room now

Sam @sam37swales: i use both,but kindle good to save and zoom in to make words larger x

@Geordie_Aimee: i prefer books because I just love the feel of them & being able to turn the pages. I love my kindle for travelling though
as it’s nice & light & doesn’t take up too much room
don’t get me wrong I do like both I just prefer books. I’m starting to run out of room for books too lol

Oh that’s hard. I don’t mind either. I like kindle as read them quicker and more space but there is nothing like a new book and the smell. X

LYNSEY @lynseybfarmer: i love my kindle i love reading from it can read alot faster from it than a paper/hard back

LEE Kindle Paperwhite, wouldn’t read otherwise. Books are nice to browse through at the supermarket or a book shop. I understood the feel, smell etc.

Chris I prefer to read fiction on Kindle as it’s light and portable (I mostly read on the commute) and generally cheaper, but if I truly love a book I will then buy the paperback version for the bookshelf. I prefer to read nonfiction (by that I mean popular science, history etc) in book form.

@TracyShephard: so true lynsey i love kindle to read but books to look at
if i have book i usually buy kindle version and vice versa its why im poor lol

Aj book review club's photo.

books but my kindle better to read in bed ( yes when you should be a sleep)

laura Book. Nothing beats the feeling of turning pages, closing a book and the smell is pretty damn good too.

@EmilyBenet: I love kindle for buying without leaving the house and for rush hour tube when you couldn’t physically turn a page of a book!

@GingerCatBlog: I love all books in all formats but at the moment I use my Kindle more purely for convenience as it’s always with me.Plus a Kindle doesn’t take up precious room on my bookcase. I’ve got limited room for storing paper books

CLAIRE Prefer books, but the convenience of Kindle can’t be beat.

Becca I love both, my kindle is great when I travel as I always tend to ruin paperbacks in my handbag. It’s good to have the best of both worlds to me


I still enjoy loosing myself in a book shop but im loving the variety of choices in my hand held library.

I prefer a kindle now I have one as its so easy to download the book and I don’t have to feel guilty about giving away actual books as I’ve ran out of room to put them somewhere.

Kindle app on my phone bc I always have a book w me. I love books but the convenience of the app is my fave.

@CelesteMcCreesh: I like both but seem to read books much quicker on my kindle app than I would a book, why I don’t know!??

Books. The smell and feel. And when I pick up a book I can remember where I read it and what else was going on in my life, especially if (don’t read this next bit if it upsets you) there is a splodge of suntan lotion or sand between pages, or even the stain from a tear…

I love reading
love my kindle. can take it anywhere and have all my books with me. I find i get my kindle out more often to read, ie if waiting in waiting room or on a bus etc. But I still enjoy a tree book, they are safer in the bath. the only thing I struggle with with tree books is when the writing is so tiny, as i don’t like to read in bed with my glasses on.. My kindle, means i dont have to have the lamp on when reading in bed. I seem to struggle now, holding a hardback book… so for me Kindle is first.. but wouldn’t stop reading tree books..

This may sound crazy. I prefer books. I love seeing them lined up on the shelves. I love the feel of them, I like turning pages, and feeling how much is left in the book. I like to be able to flick back if I want to check something. BUT, I read more kindle books these days, I don’t have to wait for them to arrive, I can start it straight away, I can read in the middle of the night when the triplets aren’t sleeping, without disturbing anyone. I can fall asleep with the kindle and it automatically finds my last page, and if I don’t like a book I don’t have to get rid of it from my shelves.

As much as i love my kindle i love my actual books more. I love having the books with the pretty covers on my bookshelves to look at. I love the feel and smell of books. The battery never dies when reading a paperback too. My kindle is a life saver for space as bookshelves are full.

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I am a paper book lover. I love the feel, the smell, and the look of them. I love browsing book stores, and coming home with them. I have tried an e-reader, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

Both, but more for kindle now with it having the backlight


As you know, I prefer books! I just can’t get me head around a kindle! Plus I really love being able to turn the pages and see how much I have read and how much I have left to read! I also love to be able to borrow books and let people borrow mine, which you can’t do with a kindle! Although I am running out of space for my books, so I suppose the upside of a kindle is that its tidy and takes up no space

Either. I really don’t care.

Shelly I prefer my Nook (user interface is more to my liking), however most of what I read is on my Kindle since that is where most of my authors and indie authors publish. I have difficulty holding a book for extended periods of time, so unless it is a non-fiction book I want to highlight or take notes in, I’m an ereader fan.
I have just bought a kindle, and for convenience on the tube and carrying it, it’s fantastic as its sooo light… But I still love the feel of paper in my hands, I drink in the cover, and love the texture and feel of a book…. So If I only read at home, I would only read real books, but for travelling, a kindle is a must’ x


Since asking you this question i found most of us buy a book on kindle but then if we love we go out to buy as a book some author i will buy as a book because i like to save all their books
I think we find the kindle more convenient but we seem to still love are real books too


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  1. barbtaub says:

    I love the feel of a book but since I mostly read for reviews I’m writing, I prefer the Kindle where I can take notes and highlight.

  2. Lucy Ends says:

    I prefer reading fiction on the Kindle, but if it’s non-fiction, it has to be a paper book, because it’s easier to flip back and forth and think “hmmmm” when you have real pages.

  3. I’m surprised how many people said they prefer their kindle in that survey AJ! I thought I was in a minority. I prefer to read from my kindle most of the time, but I love to have a shelf of books and hard copies in my favourite ones.
    Amanda. x

  4. I’ve had to get a Kindle as there is no room for any more books in my house. Also, as a Kindle author I felt a bit hypocritical not owning a Kindle myself!

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