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The Crooked House by Christobel Kent my review & you could win a copy

on May 4, 2015

The Crooked House by Christobel Kent

A stunning, dark and suspenseful psychological thriller that follows one woman’s search for the truth about her tragic family history
Thirteen Years Ago
When it starts again she is face down on her bed with her hands over her ears and she feels it more than hears it. A vibration through the mattress, through the flowered duvet, through the damp pillow she’s buried her face in. It comes up from below, through the house’s lower three storeys.

BOOM. She feels it in her throat.
Wait, listen: one, two, three. BOOM.
Is this how it begins?Leaning on the shelf over the desk, wooden letters spelling her name jitter against the wall. They were a present on her seventh birthday, jigsawn by Dad, E.S.M.E.
The family’d just moved in, unloading their stuff outside this house they called the crooked house, she and Joe, as the sun went down over the dark marsh inland. Creek House to Crooked House, after the tilt to its roofline, its foundations unsteady in the mud, out on its own in the dusk. Mum was gigantic with the twins, a Zeppelin staggering inside with bags in each hand. We need more space now, is how they told her and Joe they were moving. It was seven years ago, seven plus seven. Now she’s fourteen, nearly. Fourteen next week
Ah, go on, Gina had said. Just down it. Then, changing tack, You can give it me back, then.Esme’s been back an hour. She isn’t even sure Joe saw her pass the sitting-room door, jammed back on the sofa and frowning under his headphones: since he hit sixteen he’s stopped looking anyone in the eye. The girls, a two-headed caterpillar in an old sleeping bag on the floor, wriggled back from in front of the TV, twisting to see her. Letty’s lolling head, the pirate gap between Mads’s front teeth as she grins up at her, knowing. She mouths something. Boyfriend. Esme turns her face away and stomps past.
Mum opening the kitchen door a crack, leaning back from the counter to see who it is. Frowning like she can’t place her, she gets like that a lot these days. What are you doing back? Esme doesn’t answer: she is taking the stairs three at a time, raging.Outside the dark presses on the window, the squat power station stands on the horizon, the church out on the spit that looks no bigger than a shed from here, the village lights distant. Make all the noise you like out here, Dad’s always saying, no one can hear.
Hands over your ears and never tell.On the bed she lies very still, willing it to go, to leave the house. Whatever it is.Her hands were already over her ears, before it started. Why? The boom expands in her head and she can’t even remember now. All she knows is, she was standing at the window, now she’s on the bed.She grapples with detail. She heard a car. There were voices below in the yard and, after, noises downstairs. Something scraping across the floor, a low voice muttering and she didn’t want to deal with it, with his questions; she flung herself down on the bed and the tears began to leak into the pillow. She would have put on her music but she didn’t want him to know she was back.Now. A sound, a human sound, just barely: a wounded shout, a gasp, trying to climb to a scream that just stops, vanishes. And in the silence after it she hears breathing, heavy and ragged; up through three storeys and a closed door, it is as if the house is breathing. And Esme is off the bed, scrabbling for a place to hide.BOOM.
On the marsh behind the house there are the remains of an old hut with a little rotted jetty. The tide is beginning to come up, gurgling in its channels, trickling across the mud that stretches inland, flooding the clumps of samphire and marsh grass and the buried timbers. Behind her the house stands crooked in the wind freshening off the estuary.The lights of the police cars come slowly, bumping down the long track, an ambulance, the cab lit. It is three in the morning but the inky dark is already leaching to grey behind the church on the spit. One of the coldest June nights on record, and it takes them a while to find her. She doesn’t make a sound
I hope that make you want read this book so good it packed with twists and turns it a very dark psychologist thriller it was a bit scary in places and very spooky too i was hooked from the first few lines to the last page i just had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next just a wonderful gripping tale
A great tale of a small community who see to close ranks when a family was murdered years ago but one member life was never the same Esme or Alison as she now called was in shock about what happened and why .Alison now got a new life in London But now she back in the community that destroyed her life she now got to confront the past can she remember what happened i did get a bit loss with some of the flashbacks but then it just fell in place
It a very complex read we get a few hits to what happened that night as we hear Alison flashbacks and her memories they did jump about a bit but you will understand them
The Crookshouse was so creepy i loved hearing about it the atmosphere Christobel creates were so good very creepy the suspense runs so high through out the book it will just keep you guessing
Alison a fab character i was so trying to help her place together what happen that night
I did not like her boyfriend from the start i found him wried did you ?
The story just hooked me it was so eerie in places it so brilliantly wrote the ending was just so fab i did not see that did you i did come up with a few theories did you ?
5dolls (5 stars)

Aj book review club's photo.
Thank you Kirsteen for sending this fabulous book to read i loved on of my must read books this year
If that’s made you desperate to read the book, well you all could won a copy all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a signed copy is leave a comment below before 9 pm(UK) Wednesday 6th may The giveaway is open to readers in the UK and Ireland only. The winner will be drawn at random and notified as soon as possible after the close of entries.

Thank you for taking part and good luck all of you that leave a comment

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8 responses to “The Crooked House by Christobel Kent my review & you could win a copy

  1. Mandy says:

    Amazing review! This has just shot right up my list of to be read. ☺

  2. Elaine says:

    Sounds fab, would love to read it!

  3. Sounds like an amazing gripping read. I know it will be good if you are recommending it, as you always recommend great books. I’m intrigued about the ending, and your theories!! Great review, thanks.

  4. I’d love to win a copy of this book. It sounds intriguing

  5. Emma Crowley says:

    I don’t normally read books like this but this sounds amazing.Would love to win a copy.

  6. Kelly Spillane says:

    Would love to win this! Thanks for a great giveaway xx

  7. lynseyf14 says:

    Aj great review as i was on the same blog tour i have this book so if i picked can it go to Kelly from Twitter as she is having problems entering

  8. Ann Bradley says:

    Would love to read this book…have had my eye on it for a while! Sounds like a compelling read…thank you for the opportunity to win a copy

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