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on May 14, 2015

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A murder in Amsterdam’s red light district leads Posthumus to uncover a tragic tale from the past, in a gripping Dutch crime novel perfect for fans of Donna Leon, Michael Dibdin and Fred Vargas.

I really enjoy this book i will say the start a bit slow but that helps to build up the tension and soon your be hooked on this story i was so please carry on reading it a very good crime book it easy to follow and the writing style just flows so effortlessly

This book can be read as a stand alone book i did find it a page turner i had got to see what was going to happen next i was so hooked on the plot

‘A minute can make all the difference.’
That the Tag line it very good i would keep that in your mind it very clever

Pieter Posthumus is the main character i was not sure of his job to start with but then I understand how and why he would be investigating the events that were happing around him . ( he was an inspector of the Lonely Funerals team in Amsterdam who are responsible for burying the dead without friends or family, and even the nameless of the city (they’re a real organisation in Amsterdam that do this i been told )
He had a nice friendly way about him he seem to want to help people he was very good at his job i like his way of working things out it seem to work well he was a great main character i hope to hear more of him soon
i like how he described Amsterdam i felt i was there with him the descriptions of the scene were so vivid i can picture them in my mind I enjoy hearing about him cycling though town along the canals ect
The cafe were a lot of the story is set was called De Dolle Hond it sounded just like I imagine the cafes in Amsterdam to be i could picture it so clear it sounded so warm and friendly

Posthumus was enjoying a quiet drink in his favourite bar when the screaming starts. It made him jump A minute or so later, the owner of the guesthouse next door rushes in saying one of her tenants has been murdered. She seem a bit daze or she was in shock i was not sure
Marloes she the guesthouse owner, i found her to be a bit weird and very odd but she seem very kind and caring in her own way i did like her i sure you will too i did feel sorry for her at times .

The police start to investigate the murder and a few things come to light some i was not so sure of but the plot explain it well
Marloes is arrested for both her tenant Zig’s murder and another death years before no one is sure why ? what was the connection how did she know both of them ?

Posthumus cannot believe it she would never do that
He and Anna are going to prove them wrong she would never do it .I liked how they work so well together you will become glue on the case i was trying to help solve it i was totally wrong i did not guess the link did you ?
Anna another fab character she was going to help Marloes
She seemed to be asking the right questions .
Her and posthumous were starting to get some where but where they ?
I like all the characters they seem so real some made me smile and laugh but a few i was a bit suspicious of
The plot was so good at making you question things
I found the painting so interesting i would never see the link your told the clues but my head or I should say mind did not see it did you ? why did Zig paint a single picture every year and why would he copy a dutch master ?
The link is so clever you will not see it i did not as you got so many very clever twist and turns i was so suspicious of a few people i like all the different subplot they help to add to the tension of the story

The book very well written it packed with danger full of surprises and it will just grip you
I really enjoy this book but please bare in mind from the back of book
‘few minutes can mean all the difference in the world: between saving a life and taking one; between innocence and guilt. And that sometimes asking questions leads to a truth that’s hard to bear.’
To me that sums the book up so well please read for self your be glue just like i was the story so gripping it will pull you into the plot

A fantastic read i be looking out for more of Britta books now as I enjoyed this so much
This author is very
unique,why you may ask well that it’s because is made up of two writers – Rodney Bolt, freelance travel journalist, and Britta Bohler a very high-profile lawyer whose previous cases have informed her work, so it makes for a really intriguing mix

4 doll(4star)
I would like to thank Becca at Hodder & Stoughton for letting me read and review this fab crime book

Britta Bolt have written this exclusively for my blog, about how the author duo was born!

Posthumus Blog
The Life and Times of Britta Bolt

Britta Bolt was ‘born’ on the Canary Islands in 2010. Britta (Böhler) was on holiday, sitting on a balcony looking out to sea, nursing a rosé and reading a Nicci French book, when she thought: ‘Why not?’. She emailed Rodney (Bolt), who was at home in Amsterdam, working on a biography while nursing a secret desire to write crime fiction, and the rest is history….

Britta and Rodney had already known each other for some years – they had been introduced by a mutual friend – but working together was a first. While writing the books, they meet for long ‘BriBo’ (Britta Bolt) sessions – generally in Rodney’s dining room, sometimes, when the cogs need oiling,at their favourite café (Café Schiller…no relation to De Dolle Hond!), to talk details and lay out the path ahead. Then Rodney scuttles upstairs to an attic room where not even the cleaner ventures, sometime for weeks on end. At first, the idea was that Britta would supply the plot, and Rodney the words, but of course, novels don’t work like that. Characters have minds of their own. Rodney finds himself pinging emails across to Britta (‘Um, guess what X has just done?’), and plots make a subtle change in direction. Often, aspects of the novels creep back into real life. Many of the dishes that Pieter Posthumus cooks are tried out (sometimes inflicted) by Rodney on Britta during ‘Experimental Dinners’. In LONELY GRAVES, Posthumus cooks a marvellous strawberry risotto. All that need be said about that, is that it was a case where life most certainly did not imitate art


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