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Geek Girl (Geek Drama ) By Holly Smale Geek Girl day on my blog

on May 18, 2015

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Geek Girl (Geek drama ) By Holly Smale
This book is aim at kids age 11 and over but i still love it it a hilarious fast paced read it all about Harriet she a great girl she alway in trouble and things always seem to happen to her
I loved her agent so flamboyant and such a fun character
Alex was her nemesis she was so clever but she always got to criticise every thing Harriet does it just so funny to read it will make you laugh so much
The story line so easy to follow it got a bit of suspense in the story too which i like
You could feel all the characters emotions in the different scenarios some will make you laugh out loud it packed with interesting facts that seem to fit into the story so well it like all the wit and humour
Harriet just so cool she just a massive geek she loves facts and Shakespeare her favourite
I enjoy the school play she auditions for it omg i never laugh so much you

got to read to see what happens
It like all the different scenarios

it a very action packed story i say great for any age

it a great fun read Holly writing style is so unique it packed with wit and humour it fab read
4 dolls(4stars)

About the Author
Holly Smale is the author of Geek Girl, Model Misfit and Picture Perfect. She was unexpectedly spotted by a top London modelling agency at the age of fifteen and spent the following two years falling over on catwalks, going bright red and breaking things she couldn’t afford to replace. By the time Holly had graduated from Bristol University with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Shakespeare she had given up modelling and set herself on the path to becoming a writer.

Geek Girl was the no. 1 bestselling young adult fiction title in the UK in 2013. It was shortlisted for several major awards including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the Branford Boase award, nominated for the Queen of Teen award and won the teen and young adult category of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the 11-14 category of the Leeds Book Award


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