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Tanya Monday Review Post Geek Girl Book 1

on May 18, 2015

Aj book review club's photo.

Geek Girl Book 1

Tanya Monday Review Post

I have been looking forward to having the excuse to read this book after my eldest flew through reading it and was so eager to get the next in the series. This is unknown of and I was so proud of her. This is the first in the series of four books that follow the life of the “Geek Girl” Harriet Manners. It is written in first person but also gives us the insight into what she is thinking.

Harriet Manners is very intelligent 15 years old but lacks a lot of confidence. She is also not very popular with her peers and shies away from any confrontation or stressful situations by hiding under a table or in a bush. Her mum died when she was a three days old but she has a great relationship with her step mum, Annabel, who is a lawyer. Her best friend is Nat and they are inseparable except in classes, as Harriet is in the higher sets and Nat is in lower sets. Alexa is her nemesis and is always making comments about Harriet out loud and making her life a misery.

Nat’s dream job is to be a model and at the beginning of the book the pair are off to the Clothes Show in Birmingham where Nat hopes to be spotted. Harriet tried her best to get out of the trip by pretending to have a case of some contagious illness but her friend knows her too well and dragged her along. The day does not start well with Harriet’s stalker Toby, a boy in her class, also attending and being travel sick all over Harriet and Nat meaning that they have to attend the event in smelly football kit! Not the start to her modelling career that Nat wanted.

The actual clothes show has a big in pact on Harriet who hates fashion and Nat’s relationship as well as how Harriet sees herself. It even results in her dad and her step mum falling out as they have a big difference of opinion. I am not sure who is the most shocked by the event, Harriet, Nat or her parents. However I liked how Harriet stays true to herself and realises how important that is in her life.

I loved the random facts that Harriet would say or think and actually learnt quite a few things. Over the weekend I was even know to come out with a few around my group of friends giving them a shock at my level of intelligence. The chapters are short which makes it an easy read for a teenager or a pre-teen. Well done Holly on a great series. My one daughter loves her Geek girl glasses she managed to get and my other is on the lookout. Maybe I will get some too. Now I am off to raid my daughter’s book shelf for book 2.

FfionAj book review club's photo. in her geek girl glasses

thank you Tanya a fab review


One response to “Tanya Monday Review Post Geek Girl Book 1

  1. Suze says:

    I love the photo, it’s fabulous! I can’t wait to read this book.

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