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Bubble Trouble’ written by Sheila Sweeny Higginson

on May 31, 2015

Aj book review club's photo.       Aj book review club's photo.

Bubble Trouble’ written by Sheila Sweeny Higginson.

Blurb: Doc loves popping bubbles with her friends Emmie and Alma. When Bubble Monkey runs out of soap, Alma fills her up again, but something’s terribly wrong. Will Doc be able to figure out why Bubble Monkey still can’t blow bubbles?

A lovely, colourfully illustrated book based on the popular Disney Junior Doc McStuffins tales.


Doc plays with her friends Emmie and Alma, popping bubbles that their favourite toy Bubble Monkey blows everywhere. Bubble monkey runs out of bubbles. Alma fills it up but it stops working so Doc has to perform a check-up! She does different tests and finds the diagnosis. She shares with Emmie and Alma what was wrong with the bubble monkey and they head back to the garden to see if Doc fixed their favourite toy! At the end of the story it gives tips on eating well!

Every page is illustrated with beautiful scenes that match the story line, this helps to keep my 4yr old interested whilst she’s being read to and she also asks about what is in the pictures too! A fab book to read with meaning behind it to teach children how to look after themselves!


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