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on June 2, 2015

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i was hooked from the first few lines to the last page
What a brilliant tagline for this book ‘They told her she killed her baby she served her time what if they lied ‘
Well that just pull me into it book I could not put it down i was hooked it so fast paced it packed with lots of twits and turns it a wonderful written and the story will just pulls you into it and it will then just grip you it a real page turner i read in a day
It just a great psychological thriller it quite creepy in places it will definitely make you think
Emma doesn’t remember doing it did she really kill her son ? After her release from the psychiatric hospital she trying to start a new life but she receives a photo of her son suggesting he still alive this leads emma on a roller coast ride to find out what going on the book about the search to find out what happened some of the scenes are really graphic and some quite terrifying but other parts were so heartbreaking to read
This mum was so brace and determined to found out about her son we go on emma journey it packed with highs and lows it very emotional and tense
She had to change her name and life yes we know she kill her son at the start but did she you will still feel for her her character just so likeable she never question anything at the time every those she could not remember doing it now she out this vendetta against her made her question what happened did she do it ? This story will make you see we should never jump to conclusions

Niki i was not sure off him i did not liked his character at the start i had a feel about him but Emma seem to rely on him so much she seem to trust him

The boys now men that met at school and then when to university together play a great part in this story it was very interesting it got a few sub plots they were all very good it added some great twist to the story it just so packed with secrets and lies they all will just hook you it will keep you guessing it a very tense read in places it will keep you on your toes

There is a fabulous mixture of characters from the crazy to the downright bad and few who are genuinely the nice people in the world but can you work out who fell into which category ? I did not

When the truth was revealed i was so shocked i did not see it at all it find it Quite creepy terrifying in places and in some places, deeply upsetting too
This is a very compelling, dark, and unique piece of crime is a clever and brilliant debut by Jenny Blackhurst, please read this beautifully twisted crime thriller. It just brilliant so well written
thank Netgalley and Headlines for letting me read a review
5 dolls( 5 stars)

Aj book review club's photo.
About the Author
Jenny Blackhurst grew up in Shropshire where she still lives with her husband and children. Growing up she spent hours reading and talking about crime novels – writing her own seemed like natural progression. Inspired by the emotions she felt around her own son’s birth, How I Lost You is Jenny’s thrilling debut crime novel.


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