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on June 2, 2015


Hull, 1943. 17-year-old Muriel Dearlove has weathered the Blitz unscathed, earning her keep in Miss Chapman’s grocery shop. But with her sweetheart Bill away fighting and and her friends conscripted into the WRENs and WAAF, life has become tedious for Muriel. Then one day an old friend returns from a stint in the Land Army. She is rosy cheeked and looks healthier than ever, thanks to the outdoor work she has been doing on Northumberland’s farms, and she comes with tales of dances with the troops stationed nearby and high jinks with her fellow Land Girls. Desperate for the chance to broaden her horizons, Muriel signs up to become a Land Girl. But getting back to the land is not all about making hay in the sunshine. Back-breaking work and rising before dawn are the least of their troubles when disagreements between town girls and locals arise, and their warden, Mrs Hubbard, is a hard-nosed slave-driver. Then Muriel meets Ernst, a German prisoner of war. And now Muriel has a choice to make. In fraternizing with the enemy, she breaks the law, but to never see Ernst again would break her heart.
I enjoy this book it was so easy to read it a very lovely story set in WW2 and how the land army girls help to keep Britain supplied with food

What a job these girls did they work so hard a very long hours

The story start of when we met 17 year old Mariel she had a job in a grocery store she seem to like it but then one day her friend returns home from being in the land army she look fab she tells us the stories of what goes on now Mariel wants to sign up too . She did but very soon there seems to be trouble between the land girls and the locals can they sort it out?

Muriel mets a German prisoners and now she seem to be breaking the law and may be her heart broken to what should she do ?

I enjoy read all about the war and how the German were not very popular during this time
I really did enjoy the storyline all the character were very nice some i like more that others . It was very well written i found it a very interesting read i could imagine what life was like for them it was a great insight into there life’s

I would of liked more from the end it just seemed to stop very quickly .The story very good but some parts were a bit slow but i still enjoyed it i would of liked more chapters to just finish the end properly it needed a bit more
This did is why i only going to say
3 dolls (3 stars )
I would like to thank netgalley for letting me read and review

About the Author
The daughter of a Durham miner, Annie Wilkinson now lives in Hull where she divides her time between supporting her father and helping with grandchildren.



  1. Tanya phillipd says:

    I liked watching this series on tv x

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