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on June 7, 2015

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Two’s company, but three is a recipe for disaster . . .

It a beautiful written book all about love, food,secrets , family ,life and self discovery a real page turner i was hook by the storyline i got to see what was going to happen next

Kelly what a brilliant character she seemed so happy she had a very good looking doctor as her boyfriend her career as a cookbook ghost writer was going well she enjoyed doing it her life was so settled her mum letter said and now Kelly could see that too she need a change but what ?

Her world or life was turn upside down at the start of this wonderful tale it started at her mum wake kelly was given a letter from her mum she had wrote for after she gone it tell her a few home truths .Some she did not like but some had her think The description of all the food here were brilliant i could see and taste them all

She needs a change one email and one phone can do just that her life will be so different now she off to London

Natasha a actress and a bit of a health nut she watches what she eat and drinks she asked Kelly to move to London to be her ghostwriter for her new cookbook she was such nightmare to work with you got to read to see what i mean but a fab character will Kelly enjoy this once in a life time job? How will she cope in London she never been any were what the food? she no friends here

When kelly arrives in London she was a bit shock by Natasha ways she seem very crazy to me she got no idea how to cook she not sure how to make things she so demanding and very manipulative i did not warm to her but she did make me smile she will make you want to read more to see she going to do next sometimes she was so nice and kind but then within a second she be back to her selfish manner she was nothing like her husband Huge he was a MP and he was very handsome him and Kelly seem to hit it off all the time they seemed to be getting very close
You got to read to see what happens it will keep you guessing it was a bit predictable in places but it was not at the end as that was not what I thought would happen a very good finish to the story i did not predict that at all did you ?

I enjoy all the characters in the book each had very different personalities each brought a different tale to the story i really like Kelly brother and her best friend part in the story both made me laugh
The story just flows so well very easy to read the characters as i said were so believable and warm so you will love them one or two you may not like as much but i leave that for you to decide on i love them all i like the humour and fun side to them all
Dana Description about the food and recipes were brilliant i could see them ,smell and taste them all in my mind some i want to eat
This book great a fun easy read book I couldn’t put it down i just want to know what was going to happen next a real page turner a brilliant written book i read in two night
5 dolls (5 stars)

Thank you netgalley for letting me review


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