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A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

on June 8, 2015

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A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

Zoe wants to play the piano, she wants to play at Carnegie Hall. Her wish is to be a piano prodigy, but first she needs a piano. Unfortunately her dad isn’t a very steady shopper and instead of a piano he buys her a wheezy organ. It isn’t what she wants so badly and Zoe’s disappointed, but she decides to learn how to play even if she doesn’t have the instrument of her choice.

Zoe isn’t very popular at school, but when Wheeler Diggs befriends her that isn’t important any longer. They have a special kind of friendship, one that also involves Zoe’s family. Her father is afraid to leave the house and is studying all kinds of things from home. Wheeler likes spending time with both Zoe and her dad. Her mother’s always working and doesn’t have much time for her daughter. When Zoe wants to enter the Perform-O-Rama organ competition her father needs to take her as her mother’s job always comes first. Will Zoe be able to have some good times even though her life is far from perfect?

I love the cover of this book, the socks are really cute. I liked the story as well. Zoe’s most wonderful moments happen when she least expects it. Wheeler is a great guy who needs her friendship as much as Zoe needs his. It was fun to see Zoe’s father grow and to read about Zoe’s determination and dedication. She discovers that a piano prodigy will only achieve something with a lot of practice and that’s exactly what she’s willing to do. Her home situation isn’t ideal, but Zoe, Wheeler and her father make the most of it together. Most families aren’t perfect and I liked how Linda Urban used that for her story. The writing is fun and realistic and because of that the story feels real and genuine. I liked this book a lot.


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