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on June 13, 2015

This book is free on amazon on till Tuesday 16 of june

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Who said that only real heroes could be found in fiction?
Sarah Smith had an addiction – she was addicted to romance novels. The meet-cute, the passion, the drama and the gorgeous men! Now this wouldn’t have been such an issue if she hadn’t been the owner of the only bookshop in Ashford, Connecticut.
Ever since her close friend Lil, from The Gingerbread Café, had become engaged she had been yearning for a little love to turn up in her life. Except Sarah knew a good man was hard to find – especially in a tiny town like Ashford. That was until New York journalist, Ridge Warner stepped into her bookshop…
Love could be just around the corner for Sarah, but will she be able to truly believe that happy-ever-after can happen in real-life
I got to say i loves this fab book it a nice quick read i would i loved it a bit longer
The main character sarah i want to be her in her book shop it my dream job i could see myself in there the shop so well describe you could see the shop in your mind i loved that she got a reading area that you could sit down with a drink to read her own book she got just for that part of the shop a lovely old man called her up one day to say his wife had die and they had been in the shop and he wanted to gave sarah her book for the area so that people could love the books just like she did it so well written it brought a tear to my eyes
Sarah started to do a blog i loved how this was brought into the story It so me but i wish i got that many people looking at my post i may one day she doing so well with it people are loving her passion for the book she reads you could feel sarah passion about her books
Sarah could be a bit of a day dreamer some times she thinks she one of the character in the book she just read i got the feeling that sarah was more into her book world more than having fun but that not bad as she such a nice lady she happy in her book world but she has great friends Missy runs the hairdressers next door they are very good friends to me she seem to bring Sarah to life when they are together i like that she just tell her she need her hair doing but she does it in such a nice way she alway there for a coffee and a chat she a true friend that tell her what she think which it good a true friend would done that
Ridge is a new york reporter he back in Ashford to do a new piece he was here before for the chocolate festival. He loved the village then and now he back i really did like him he was charming very kind and nice guy i say he had check out Sarah blog he know she like romance books you could tell he and sarah like each other i loved how they bounce of each other so well they just worked so well together
It was nice to hear about him trying to win sarah over it will make you laugh the whole story is very charming the shop just drew you into the whole book world
Their relationship was very fast going i wanted the story or book to be longer so we could hear more about them
I like that you get to hear about some of the other story he has written for the paper he was just so warm and charming you could not like him i do like the twist near the end i need to hear more about them
That what Rebecca does so well you get pulled into the fab story you can see it all you could see the town all in your mind
The character are so warm l loved to hear more about Lilly cecee and damon
Cee cee still makes me laugh i loved her in the gingerbread cafe she just such a fun loving jolly lady i like now they all try to help each other i loved she did a fab meal to get sarah and ridge together
Sarah and cee cee are my favourite characters
You can read this book on it own but i say you all should read the other book as you know the character more i felt at the end of the book they were my friend the book just so well written you want them to be your friends that why this book so good the Descriptions are so good that you can see and feel what going on



  1. Sounds like a perfect book I think I will just nip over to Amazon right now. Thank you.

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