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Suzanna Review of Taking the Fall by A.P. McCoy

on June 14, 2015

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Suzanna Review of
Taking the Fall by A.P. McCoy

Duncan Claymore is a jockey. He’s learned almost everything he knows about horses from his father, who used to be a trainer. He was doing very well until something went horribly wrong and someone deliberately ruined his career. Now Duncan’s father can’t defend himself any longer, he’s in a home slowly losing his mind. Duncan is planning to take revenge for him, but he must do it while his father is still lucid enough to understand what he’s done.

Duncan wants to get back at the men who have ruined his father’s career. To do that he has to play a dangerous and risky game. He has his own future to think of as well. He’s a great jockey and has a lot of potential, he can be really successful. He wants to have both. Will he be able to pull it off or will he lose his biggest passion, the one thing he’s been meant to do?Taking the Fall is a fast paced book. Duncan wants to take revenge and even though he’s smart he’s also willing to take great risks. I wanted to see him succeed, but I didn’t want him to do anything that would jeopardize his entire future. Duncan’s father still has friends, but the men who ruined him are all extremely powerful and wealthy, they can make anything happen. Which is also their weakness. Duncan has to play it cool and he can’t let his emotions get in the way.

I liked this gripping story, it’s a light and enjoyable read. I could feel the suspense of the races and it was great to learn more about horse racing. I liked how much love Duncan had for his profession. He’s a headstrong man, who loves and hates fiercely. That made this story interesting and quite gripping. Taking the Fall reads like a race, which means it’s thrilling from beginning to end.



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