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The Confectioner’s Tale by , Laura Madeleine

on June 20, 2015

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The Confectioner’s Tale by , Laura Madeleine

A decadent story of love and scandal that sweeps you away to Paris

This book is excellent and so brilliantly written i loved it i would recommend you all read it very romantic and mysterious I enjoyed the dual time lines one in 1909 France and the other now set in 1988 Cambridge they mixed so well together

Petra is doing her PHD but she seems to be struggling she was missing her grandfather so much plus she now got a very well know biographer trying to expose secrets that were hidden from her grandfather past i really enjoy hearing about her grandfather past it so hooked me what a life he had
The story told by each chapter told from Petra point of view then her grandfather side it just told the story so well they both were really interesting to read i was grip by it all i could see it all my mind the description were so good and so well written
Gui was a great character I enjoyed his life story so much his and Jennie love story was so lovely to read about it was all about forbidden love it will just grip you i just couldn’t stop reading i was so glued to the story line
Paris sounded so lovely I wanted to be a the patisserie it sounded so wonderful the description were so well written i could see in all in my head i liked that Petra was trying to find out more about her grandfather I could not wait to see what see find put next it was a page turner full of
All the characters were so good very believable and real they become my family you got to know them so well i was pulled into the whole wonderful atmosphere of this book
It just so wonderful written I recommend you read
It so good
Thank you netgalley for letting me read and review
About the Author
After a childhood spent acting professionally and training at a theatre school, Laura Madeleine changed her mind, and went to study English Literature at Newnham College, Cambridge. She now writes fiction, as well as recipes, and was formerly the resident cake baker for Domestic Sluttery. She lives in Bristol, but can often be found visiting her family in Devon, eating cheese and getting up to mischief with her sister, fantasy author Lucy Hounsom. You can find her on Twitter @esthercrumpet

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