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TANYA REVIEW OF George’s Grand Tour

on July 7, 2015

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TANYA REVIEW OF George’s Grand Tour

I loved the cover and the title of this book and the blurb sounded great. Wow two elderly men, retired butcher George aged 83 and his neighbour Charles 76 decide to do the tour in a Renault scenic (or as Charles’ grandson says Runner Speedit). The tour has been planned to take place when George’s daughter is on a retreat and is not going to be in contact.

I enjoyed aspects of the book and found myself giggling at some of the escapades. I even found myself learning about text language as George takes up the past time of texting his granddaughter. I did find that I wish I knew more about the areas that they visited as a lot of the places were unknown to me as I am not a follower of the Tour de France. However although I struggled you could still enjoy the main aspect of the story.

I really warmed to the characters and loved the fact that the two men were doing this at their age without much experience of travelling. It was nice to see the relationship between George and his granddaughter Adele developing. I loved the fact that the two men were not shy in saying what they think/ The areas visited sounded lovely and I wouldn’t mind visiting a few. As for ‘Pig Latin@ that was a new language to me too and I don’t think I would be very good at it.

This book is a light hearted read in some places with a serious note to it. Worth a read if looking for a tour of France. I would like to thank Gallic publishers for sending me this book to review.



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