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Suzanne review Paris for one by Jo JO Moyes

on July 12, 2015

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Suzanne review
Paris for one
Nell’s boyfriend has invited her to go to Paris. Pete isn’t the romantic type, so everyone is surprised he’s taking her. She’s waiting for him at the train station, but he doesn’t show up. Nell decides to go to Paris without him. At the hotel another nasty surprise is waiting for her, her room has been double booked and she has to share it with an unkind American woman. Nell doesn’t like it, but she decides to enjoy Paris and she doesn’t want others to take that chance away from her. When she meets Fabien her weekend turns into something exciting all of a sudden and Nell discovers another side of herself, one she didn’t think she possessed.

Paris for One is a Quick Reads book, I love them. It’s fun to read a novella every now and then and the quality of Quick Reads is often really good. Paris for One is a lovely story that instantly cheered me up. It’s such a fun read. I love Paris and it was nice to read about the beautiful city. It was great to see the changes in Nell’s personality. She’s such a wonderful girl, she deserves better than Pete. She discovers that she’s strong and capable which for me was the best part of the story. If you’re looking for a good short story to read, Paris for One would be an excellent choice.


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