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Nothing But Trouble Matt Cain

on July 19, 2015

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Nothing But Trouble
Matt Cain
Published as a paperback original by Pan on 16th July 2015
The music business is laid bare in Matt Cain’s stunning second novel. Glamour, intrigue and seething rivalry.
Some stars fall fast. Others fall hard . . . Lola Grant is the hottest pop star in Britain and she’s about to go global. But behind the music, her addiction to bad boys is taking her personal life in a dangerous direction. When it comes to men, Lola just can’t stay away from trouble – and her self-control is pushed to the limit when she meets her handsome new drummer Jake Hunter.
Looking out for Lola is her best friend and manager Harvey Sparks. But Harvey’s fighting his own demons and can only watch from the sidelines as the star he helped create begins to fall. When Lola seeks comfort in a life of wild partying, she meets good-hearted showbiz reporter Freddy Jones, a man who may just be able to offer her a way out.
But as she starts rehearsals for her Trouble tour, Lola finds herself faced with a new threat, one much bigger than anything she’s ever experienced. And unless someone can get through to her before opening night, she’s in danger of losing everything she fought so hard for – in full view of the whole world.
This is the first book by Matt I have read and I did enjoy it another new author on my list to look out for .This is his second novel a great summer read to add to your list of book
It all about love ,lust , friendships and revenge all that making it a very fun sex read it does become a page turner it will grip you as soon as you start to read
I found it a great insight to behind the music business scene I love all the twist and turns lots of secret also come to light making it very interesting to read you will be so involved in the plot
All the characters were fabulous some very over the top but i love that side to them just what  you think a pop star may be but they will become your friends they seem so real to me you can tell Matt enjoyed writing about them you can feel has passion for them all
It will make you see to that life as a pop star may not be as glamorous as you think it is
I enjoyed the way Matt weaves all the plot together so well making it a very fun sex interesting read I had got to see what was happening next .It will make you laugh smile and you make want to shout at them all at times I did I was caught up with all the life’s
I will say I did find the started a bit slow in places but helps with the story it help you to understand the fun characters
You will love this book it so good it brilliantly wrote very easy to read a good storyline
A must read book
4 dolls I like to thank Lucie Cuthbertson-Twiggs  for letting me be on this fab tour
Praise for Matt Cain

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‘Matt Cain’s Shot Through the Heart is a first-class ticket to Tinseltown. A novel full of glitz, sex and secrets, it’s over the top and fabulously good fun. I raced through it.’ Fanny Blake
‘If you like your romance glitzy, topical and funny, you’ll love this.’ Heat
‘A deliciously sexy romp that blows open the scandalous secrets of Hollywood.’ Daily Express
‘Rollicking good fun . . . sexy, funny, I couldn’t put it down.’ Attitude
‘This debut is the shamelessly fabulous story of Hollywood’s biggest star falling for a Brit paparazzo, from someone who knows LA inside out.’ Elle
Matt Cain was born in Bury and brought up in Bolton. He spent ten years making arts and entertainment programmes for ITV before stepping in front of the camera in 2010 to become Channel 4 News’ first Culture Editor. Now a full-time writer, Nothing But Trouble is his second novel. He lives in London.


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