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The Girl with a twirl by M j Moon Tanya review

on July 30, 2015

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The Girl with a twirl by M j Moon
Genre: humour for children aged 9-13

Release Date: 11th May 2015

Brimming with dry humour and a sprinkling of romance, this is the second sparkling novel by M J Moon.

Meet dance mad Mabel Storm, the girl who no boy would ever dance with in a million years – no make that a zillion years!

Mabel has serious boy problems. The problem is she has no boy to dance with and the Search for a Star dance competition is fast approaching. Mabel sets out on a mission to win. But trouble strikes when her hapless parents and owners of Twinkle Toes dance school park her off to crochet obsessed Aunt Mathilda’s place at half-term. Mabel´s chances of finding a boy sink to minus zero…or do they?

Mabel´s luck is about to change…

It turns out that there´s more to batty aunt Mathilda than meets the eye when she gives Mabel a pair of the rarest dance shoes on earth. Things get weirder when a mysterious dancer known only as the Silver Shadow arrives on the scene.

Suddenly, Mabel is transformed from dancing disaster into a dancing diva as the pair wow audiences and judges with their slick moves.

But who is the Silver Shadow and why is he so desperate to dance with Mabel…?

Together, Mabel and the Silver Shadow win the Search for a Star regional finals and unwittingly win the attention of Mabel´s long-time crush and dancing heart-throb, Tino Ravioli, the country´s Latin dancing champion. When her dream comes true and he asks her to dance, Mabel runs off the dancefloor leaving one of her precious shoes behind.

An unexpected chance of romance arrives in true Cinderella style when Tino orders a search of dance schools across the land in order to find his mystery girl.

Mabel has a dilemma:

Does she dance with the secretive Silver Shadow and win the prestigious Search for a Star dancing competition or does she accept Tino´s offer to be his partner and become the envy of every girl in the country?

Find out what happens to dancing disaster area Mabel Storm – the girl with the twirl!

Tanya review

The Girl with a twirl

I think that this book is aimed at children around the age of 10. It is about a young girl, Mabel that aspires to be a great dancer and do better than her parents did when they entered competitions. The only problem is that she is a clumsy dancer and also she struggles to find a decent partner as there are not many boy dancers. Her parents run a dance school “Twinkle Toes Dance School” which is attended by the elderly of the village.

The book has funny aspects and a twist to the story which I was glad to see as it meant that Mabel learnt a lesson and that was great to see. The elderly people in the story were fun and it’s nice to show to children that the elderly do have a life. I was a bit disappointed in her parents and how they were negative towards her in parts but I supposed they just wanted her to achieve her best.

At the beginning of the book Mabel lacks a lot of confidence in herself and seems to have no close friends, or in fact anyone who wants to call her their friend. However her confidence grows with her ability to show that she can dance and this opens the door to friendship. However is it true friendship or is it just the ability to show that they know and can be seen with her?

Obviously when reading this I had to pretend I was a lot younger and try to appreciate the humour intended for children but I was a bit disappointed to read about strange deaths of people in the story which was rather upsetting. My daughter asked why no one was upset when these things happened.

The book is an easy read for a child and also for a parent to read to a child. I hope if you get if for your daughter, as I think it is a girl style book, that they enjoy it.

The Mermaids of Tamesis : : http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00W22PQEY

The Girl with a Twirl: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00XICCMGC

About M.J. Moon

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In the wake of her previous incarnations as a one-time usherette in a local theatre, soft furnishings exporter, diplomat, professional Salsa instructor, Tarot reader and in the not so dim and distant past, a secondary school teacher of Spanish and business studies, Marion now teaches English in the oddball region of Almeria, Spain.

When she isn´t writing, Marion enjoys hiking in the Andalusian hills, doing Zumba (don´t get the two confused!) and looking after her little family; her beautiful and curious baby Jorge and husband Jorge.

Her first published novel was The Mermaids of Tameis published by Troubador in April 2015. The Girl with a Twirl is her second published novel.



Aj book review club's photo.

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