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The Friendship Tree by Helen J Rolfe TANYA REVIEW

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The Friendship Tree by Helen J Rolfe TANYA REVIEW

This is a lovely story that although has dark patches has a lovely feel good factor about it with a town coming together to solve some problems and to make newcomers feel welcome. This all stems from the fact that they can contact each other via the friendship tree. The majority of the book takes place in Australia in a small rural town of Brewer Creek with the main characters being Tamara Harding and Jack Manning

Tamara is recovering from a bad relationship she had in London and has gone to Brewers creek to visit her mum, Katherine and her husband, Bobby and to lick her wounds. Her step dad is the local vet that has his own secret that Tamara helps uncover. She gets on very well with her mum and her step dad and is enjoying her time with them. She has been approached to write up a local friendship tree with all the local names and contact names on it so that should there be a need all the numbers would be to hand. There is one person she cannot bring herself to like the young man trying to muscle in on her stepdads vets business with setting up his own veterinary and acquiring some of Bobby’s regular customer, of course th new vet happens to be Jack Manning.

There is a curious circumstance also that is happening in Jacks life and although he has a partner, April, there is instant chemistry between him and Tamara. They both recognise it and struggle for a long time not to react on it.

I do not want to say any more about the story but I feel in love with the character of Tamara and how she is loyal to her family and friends. She works hard for the village she has only just joined and builds up a great friendship with many of the locals.

It is the first book that I have read by this author and I need to thank Suzanne Smith for sending me a copy of this great book.


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The Wicked and the Just by J Anderson Coats

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The Wicked and the Just by J Anderson Coats

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Cecily is moving to Wales and there’s nothing she can do about it. It’s 1293 and women don’t have anything to say, so Cecily’s opinion doesn’t matter at all. The Welshmen are fighting the English and life isn’t as comfortable and safe as Cecily would have liked. She has to behave like a lady, but the lessons she gets to make sure she becomes one are appalling. She sees Gwenhwyfar as her servant, never thinking about her life at all.

Gwenhwyfer is Welsh. Her life is hard. She doesn’t know where her next meal will come from and she’s struggling to survive. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t resist though. She tries to fight Cecily in any way she can. Cecily has no idea what she’s done to be disliked like that. Slowly she’s starting to work on an understanding and just when she thinks she’s reached it, something horrible and traumatic happens and suddenly the roles are reversed.

Cecily is spoiled and she wants to be served and obeyed, but that isn’t how it works in her new home. There’s no real peace and her father has moved them to Wales because for him it’s a great opportunity. For his daughter it isn’t as she has to miss everyone she loves. Cecily learns a couple of much needed lessons and slowly becomes a strong woman. She’s kinder and she’s starting to develop a lot of character. I loved to see that transformation.

Gwenhwyfar is angry. She hates the intrusion of the English and doesn’t want to be Cecily’s servant. She’s had a hard life and wants to make Cecily’s life as miserable as she can. At a certain point it almost looks like she might like her, but she doesn’t let it get that far. She keeps seeing how unfair things are and she doesn’t want to be friends with an English girl. She’s tough and she’s bold. Gwenhwyfar isn’t very nice, but somewhere deep down there might be some compassion, just a little bit. I think she’s such an interesting character and I was very curious to read her story.

Girls and women in the thirteenth century didn’t have much to say. Even though they might have had a useful opinion they usually weren’t involved in any important decision making. It must have been hard to be a girl back then. I think J Anderson Coats has done such a great job with this story. The history is interesting and I’ve learned a lot. The writing is really good and I liked that she’s given an interesting history lesson while telling an amazing story at the same time, I loved it.

I would like to thank Suzanne for her fab review x

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What Happens to Men When They Move to Manhattan? By Jill Knapp

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What Happens to Men When They Move to Manhattan? By Jill Knapp

Life in the city gives 23 year old Amalia Hastings a ride she is not expecting. As she tries to find her way on the little island that never sleeps, she discovers she has a harder time navigating through life then she does the streets of Greenwich Village!

She thought she had everything she wanted – a new apartment in Manhattan, a first-rate education at NYU, a group of trusted friends and Nicholas, a boyfriend who she once believed was her soul-mate. But somehow, it isn’t enough.

Stumbling through her relationships, Amalia encounters Michael. An attractive classmate who quickly moves from being one of her close friends, to an inconsistent friend-with-benefits. After all, the only thing consistent about New York is its beauty.

Amalia is essentially torn between two men, and Michael is torn between two women. Her best friend Cassandra is being strung along by her “boyfriend”, Bryce, and even her friend Olivia is having a secret relationship!

After getting terribly lost searching for love in all the wrong places, Amalia finds herself asking – what happens to men when they move to Manhattan?


I not very keen on chick lit books as you will know by now but i got to say i did enjoy this one i love New Year and have a few times now so i want to read this book

The book packed with emotions and has got very good description it captures what Amalia was thinking so well i did like her she seemed to have the perfect life and what a great boyfriend she had her parents were cool to so were her friends but one day Amelia life changes her boyfriend gone he leave her and it was her birthday too what a day to do that my heart when out to her

Her friends were brilliant they made her get our of bed and get back to normal Billivat and Cassandra were so cool character i loved them they were so sassy and such strong women and what fun they seem to have .The love all the clubs , expensive clothes and good restaurants

I did find Liz and Christina so different i not not warm to them they did not seem to do much

The story about them all the men they date,the life’s they lead it all about them learning all about the lesson of life

They were all so different but work so well together the best of friends at times they will make you laugh and smile at what they get up to (a bit like sex in the city ) it all about students life

The observations are great their action so funny i loved all the characters they just so witty and fun it was a quick read but a very fun book

4 dolls (4stars) thank you netgalley for letting me read & review

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The Hobbit is the unforgettable story of Bilbo, a peace-loving hobbit, who embarks on a strange and magical adventure.

A timeless classic.

Bilbo Baggins enjoys a quiet and contented life, with no desire to travel far from the comforts of home; then one day the wizard Gandalf and a band of dwarves arrive unexpectedly and enlist his services – as a burglar – on a dangerous expedition to raid the treasure-hoard of Smaug the dragon. Bilbo’s life is never to be the same again.

Seldom has any book been so widely read and loved as J. R.R. Tolkien’s classic tale, ‘The Hobbit’. Since its first publication in 1937 it has remained in print to delight each new generation of readers all over the world, and its hero, Bilbo Baggins, has taken his place among the ranks of the immortals of fiction.

The Hobbit: this book is aimed at older’ readers, or adult i read at a school when i was 10 with mr hill i have loved this book since then
This book to me is one of ‘The greatest children’s book ever written
The most successful of all Tolkien titles, The Hobbit has been translated into over 30 languages, with estimated sales of nearly 100 million copies now I think most of us have a copy of this wonderful book

Have you got a copy?

Tolkien wrote this book for his own children i so glad he did i love it
A Hobbit called Bilbo Baggins is grudgingly forced out of The Shire and into an adventure, by a wizard called Gandolf and what a great character he was i love all his tales

Gandalf tricks bilbo to going to the help them recover their kingdom and treasure from Smaug the dragon he was a great character
This is dreadful for Bilbo, because Hobbits are known for staying at home and enjoying peace and quiet. He lived in a beautiful home in the ground But there’s a little spark in Bilbo, and it turns out he has spunk that sets him apart from other Hobbits, which make him perfect for the adventure. The adventure is action packed with giant spider orls lots of wonderful tales are told i loved all the songs Bibo seems to grown in the book i so glad he found the ring
The book so good i felt Tolkien has a great gift of creating a book which capture the imagination of any age it just so beautifully written This is the prequel to The Lord of The Rings trilogy i got to this is my favourite book of the trilogy This is one my favourite books every wrote i had my copy since i was ten but i also have a new copy i never read
Please all read it just a brilliant book it will just capture your imagination young or old it just a wonderful read


Anyone But Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp

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Anyone But Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp

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Ivy Pocket is a twelve year old maid who finds herself in the service of the elderly Countess Carbunkle in Paris. However, the two don’t quite see eye to eye and when the Countess flees as far as she can from her to South America , Ivy is left penniless and without a job. Then, out of the blue, Ivy is summoned by the bedridden and dying Duchess of Trinity and asked to carry out a secret mission – she must deliver the priceless Clock Diamond to Matilda Butterfield in England and present it to Matilda at her 12th birthday ball.

It sounds simple to Ivy and in return she will receive £500 – more money than she can imagine. However, what she doesn’t realise is that people will do anything for the diamond. Even kill.

Anyone But Ivy Pocket is a hilarious tale that had me laughing so much her character just fab She leaves a trail of mayhem and destruction wherever she goes, although she can never understand why people seem get angry with her the looks she gave people is just fab It is an action packed, fast paced book that will have you laughing from start to finish

Ivy Pocket is a fantastic character she is positively overflowing with confidence. A lot of this is bravado, as you learn more about Ivy it’s clear that this persona is part of her armour.I loved her character was a maid she was so good at it to as you will see you will just love her so much

I hope that there might be more adventures from Ivy Pocket to come as i loved this one


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who in this week? #‎Ajscoolcoverchallenge

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Join me and read books that have blue or white on cover from 16August till 24August

If tweeting, please use the hashtag and on any post we do #Ajscoolcoverchallenge so we can keep track and we all can see what we are reading
Enjoy reading this week Aj’s cool cover challenge thanks for taking part .

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Who would like to join just a bit of fun you can read just one book or read all week

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this week book quote



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“A witty, warm-hearted romp through the lives and loves of three friends – with a cool retro vibe, and a sense of fun that will never go out of fashion.” – Debbie Johnson, author of the best-selling ‘Cold Feet At Christmas’ & ‘Pippa’s Cornish Dream’

Meet The Vintage Cinema Club….

Izzy is a wow at making unwanted things pretty, but with three brothers and her shabby chic furniture business to run she doesn’t have time to date. Could a fabulous French proposal change her mind?

Single mum Luce’s vintage bridal dresses are exquisite, but there’s no way she’s ever going to wear one or walk down the aisle for that matter. She’s a strictly no romance, one night kind of woman – or so she thinks…

Dida seems to have it all – a chocolate and banana cake recipe to die for, lovely kids (most of the time!) and a great lifestyle. But what good is a fabulous home, when your marriage has more cracks than a pavlova and your husband is having it off with half of Lithuania?

Three retro fabulous friends, in love with all things vintage, run their dream business from the faded grandeur of a rescued cinema. When that dream comes under threat, they’ll do whatever it takes to save it.

Fans of Lucy Diamond, Michele Gorman and Milly Johnson are going to love this heartfelt, funny story.

I loved this book I most of you know I love all vintage things and wow what I cool cover it makes you want to read
I never never read any of jane books before but I will look out for her now her writing style so easy to read I was a real page turner I read in a day

I as so hooked on the story it a wonderful story of love and friendship it got a few great twist I love all the humour and the dramas the story had you could tell a lot of research had been done for this book

All the characters were fab I loved them all izzy lule and bida run the vintage emporium based in the old cinema but Didas want to sell the girls are going to fight to save it I loved the girls friendship how they worked together they all have very different personality but I felt this is what made them the fab friends there were I enjoyed hearing about the life’s and love life’s it made it a very interesting read
It a lovely fun story it will make you laugh I like Bida character she was a wonderful determined person her husband was so bad to her she still with him for the kids I love everything about this book please read
4 stars a brilliant book

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Aj book review club's photo.As a book blogger I have so many book to read I buy books all the time I  had two books I gave up on what about you do you read all the book you start ? I GOT TO SAY I HATE NOT FINISHING A BOOK


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I can not wait to read this book out 25 September  HOW TO BAKE THE PERFECT WEDDING CAKE BY GINA HENNING


three-tiered cake. A groom to take. Here comes the bride!

After an explosive 4th of July, Lauren Hauser is glad to finally be home with gorgeous fiancé Jack by her side. With only three months to go till their wedding, Lauren needs to get planning. But she can’t even choose a wedding dress, let alone a maid of honour!

And with her job drastically taking a turn for the worse, the wedding quickly approaching and a blast from the past causing problems, Lauren feels like she’s losing the bridal battle.

At least baking their perfect wedding cake together is something she and Jack, as award-winning bakers, are excited about! But when a surprise wedding gift arrives earlier than expected, suddenly Lauren must take back control of her job, her life and her wedding – before she says ‘I do’!



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Please welcome Sam to my blog

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Please welcome Sam to my blog

My blog is called sam’s blog
How did you come up with the name?
I used my name for my blog
What sort of books do you review?

I review all sorts of books I like all different kind of books
Where do you buy your books ?

I buy my book from shops from the iBook store on my phone eBay and charity shops

What Your all time favourite book ?


I like books and I also have an kindle
What helps you to pick your books ?

If the cover looks good and if the description grabs me then I will read it
Why did you decide to start a blog?

I love books so wanted to start writing reviews of the books I have read

List 3 great books you have read lately

The great 3 books I have read lately are
Fault in the stars
The shock of the fall
The minaurisit
What drink do drink when you read ?

The drink I usually have is a cup of tea or hot chocolate
How many books are on your TBR pile

There are loads of books on tbr
how many books do you read a week?

I read one book per week but would like to read more

I am a happy bubbly person love studying and spending time with my family and friends I also love reading

List 3 interesting facts about you.

3 facts are
Always studying
Very helpful

Tell us where we can find your blog ect ?

You can find my blog at samblogspot
your favourite book from your childhood?

My favourite book as a child was elmer
do you a favourite book mark?

My dolphin book mark
What are you reading now ?
I reading gone girl is very good
Thank you Sam for being part of my post today you can find Sam here she new to the blogging work so please and support here

My blog is sam188.blogspot.com

My Twitter page is @samwilliams204



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