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on August 10, 2015


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It wasn’t every day you had the chance to track down the man who’d killed your mother.

In 1964, Andrew Combs’ mother is killed in front of him. His father Harry vanishes soon afterwards. Twenty-six years later Andrew wants revenge. There’s only one way he can let go of his past and become the man he wants to be: track down and kill his mother’s murderer. His father.

But while Andrew thinks he knows what happened all those years ago, the truth is far darker. For Harry Combs turns out to be a man of many secrets.

As shadowy figures from Harry’s past threaten his life, and Andrew inches closer to killing him, the two men find themselves playing a very dangerous game of life and death. And only one of them can survive.

A brilliant thriller with the pace and tension of Mark Billingham and the laconic style of Ramond Chandler.

I had never read any of Ryan’s books before but i will now i read this one in a night it was a short novel i was hooked from the first page to the last it a very dark , compelling read

My only criticism was it to short but i felt that made the story each chapter ends with a very dept observation that just hooks you so you got to carry on read to see what going to happen next

Most of the chapters start with a bit of a CIA assassination fact from a handbook
Harry one of the characters his wife alcoholic we get to hear all about his dark past
He now runs a bookstore he just a normal man but is he ?
But one day his son now a adult comes to find him he was abandoned as a young boy by his dad why ?
The book tells you the past of both of them you get flasbacks which were very good was Andrew mum kill by his dad ?
That was 26 years ago and now Andrew wants revenge for this
His dad got a lot of dark secrets that need to come out in the open
The book plays on the emotional desires and strengths of each character each character has got a few surprises and dark secret to be told
I felt the book was very through provoking and intriguing as the story unfolds it gets more tense more secrets are going to the surface for both father and son
The book holds no punches it got a lot of violent
It a very powerful read can Andrew and Harry but the past aside and learn from each other one got to die but which one ?
You must read to see
I really like this book Ryan a new author i will look out for now i was just totally hook by his writing style

4 dolls (4stars)

Ryan David Jahn lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife Jessica and two beautiful little girls, Francine and Matilda. His novels include Acts of Violence, which won the Crime Writers’ Association John Creasey Dagger, Low Life, The Dispatcher, The Last Tomorrow, and The Gentle Assassin. His work has been translated into twelve languages

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