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The fish bowl by Bradley Somer

on August 11, 2015
 The fish bowl by Bradley Somer
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What can I say about this book I enjoyed this quirky book is a very unique story it very well written it a great
Insight to life and living in a city
I will say it took me a while to get into the writing style but once I did I was hooked into this very unique tale
I liked the short chapters it was a nice easy to read book i will say it a story that makes you think a lot about the plot some parts were so amusing and I found some parts very sad too I bet you do too

All the characters were fun they lived in this apartment block we get to see lots of events unfold I found them all very interesting I got relate to them to

Ian the gold fish he the main character he plunging from 27 floors as he fall he see into each apartment and he see each character life’s unfold
What very different characters there were we get to see lots of very different emotions and side it was so interesting to read
I liked the difference perspective of the people that lived there each chapter told by one person you should take note of the chapter tiles as I found this gave me a great Insight to that story you will relate to most of the characters I did
I found it very heartwarming in places I enjoy how all the life’s seem to mix so well.
It takes Ian the gold fish 30 mins to fall the story packed with lots of actions in the short space of time
I did really enjoyed the way it told the way Bradley writes is very unique he very good with his descriptions I could see it all in my mind

The story got love, death,betrayal,loneliness and birth it a  great fun novel to read
Please read for you self

I would like to thank Amelia a Ebury publishing for letting me read and be part of this tour
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