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The other child by Lucy Atkins

on September 2, 2015

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The other child by Lucy Atkins

This is the first book by Lucy I have read and it will not be the last it liked her writing style so easy to read
When I started to read I was pulled into the plot straight away it just grip me
It a wonderful story very tense a great mystery with lots of family tension

Tees I loved her what a great character she was heavy pregnant when her husband Greg got moved to the USA
Tees was not sure if Greg wanted this baby but she did so much
The move did not go so well Tees was not sure of neigbours she just had a wired feeling about them she missed her friends so much I felt Greg was away at work all the time he seem to have no time for them Joe was now 9 and missed his own friends he did now warm to those posh suburb they now lived in

Soon things started to be happening what kind of things you may ask you got to read to see for yourself
Where we’re the threats coming from ?
Was it one of them or someone else?
Tess was not happy as you read you can get right inside her mind I was so shocked by what she discovered
The plot was so interesting so real I was so caught up in the plot I got to carry on reading till I done
I got to say I could not warm to Greg character I found him very cold at times did you ?
I wanted to ask questions I want to find out more about him I found the story so thought provoking I want to help jess I wanted to be her friend I would hate to move away with no family around me family so important now days I love Joe connection with his real dad David and Jessica still work so well together I felt for them they were still very close it was nice to read about
The story got lots of action and lots of wired incident that keep happing I enjoyed all the suspense in the plot it will keep you on the edge of your seat
The book very well written it will make you think how well do you know people ?
I great book i recommended you read a very intense read very gripping
4 dolls

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