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Tanya Monday review Summer of Love Katie Fforde

on September 14, 2015

Tanya Monday review

Summer of Love Katie Fforde

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I have had this book on my shelf from a spending spree back in January and it started shouting read me. I am glad that I did as it has a great feel good feel to it and is something you really need at the end of the summer holidays.

Sian Bishop is a single mum to a lovely 4 year old boy called Rory and she has recently moved to the countryside to give her son a better attempt at schooling which did not seem to suit him in London. She is very independent and self-sufficient woman that is a brilliant artist and is working hard at building up a business as an up cycler. She has a friendly relationship with Richard who would like to take things further and become a couple?

She quickly makes friends with her neighbour, Fiona Matcham, who lives in a large house that needs a lot of sorting out. The two may be of different generations but they get on extremely well and are soon an important part in each other’s as well as Rory’s life. Things turn around when Angus Fiona’s son returns home!!!

Will Sian ever be truly happy? Does Rory need a male influence in his life with stability?

The story had a few twists but to be honest I expected a few. I liked how Fiona developed a relationship and showed how grandmothers can still have urges!

You find yourself wanting what is best for all the characters in the book and feel like bashing some heads together at some point. Even the not so nice characters are pretty nice in the end.7



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