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Saving Grace by JANE Green

on October 8, 2015

Saving Grace by JANE Green

I like Jane ‘s books do you ?
I have read most of them now but I got to say I did find this one a bit hard to understand at the start but then it just seem to fall into place so please do not let the start put you off

Grace and Ted have been married for 25 years but now something not right things are going wrong
Ted new assistant seem to be the new lady in his life he seems to be saying Grace is mentally I’ll was she ?
She want to get her life back this book about grace’s battle to do that
Beth Ted new lady is pushing her out she thinks was she ?
Grace was a very interesting character I liked her my heart when out to her at the start she have the perfect life and a lovely home and husband

One day Ted who a writer advertises for a new assistant he take Beth on she suddenly seem to making a move on Ted
I would I liked the story to be told by all the characters point of view not just Grace

I did not like Ted at time what did you think of him ? This book about Grace world falling apart and how she struggling to cope and getting life back you do get pulled into the story
I like the flashbacks but sometimes I got lost by them but then other times they help me to understand the story more

This book covers some very deep issue mental illness; menopause and being so unhappy some parts of the plot were sinister not like Jane other books I not sure why this had recipe in I miss something I think
All the characters were good you will love or hate them I like jane writing style it got lots of suspense
WHY was Beth stealing Grace life you could to read to see why ?
The story told very well but it took me to long to get into the plot but I did need to found what was going on it got lots of twists and turns
It a ok read just not for me this one but you may like so please read for yourself I will still read her books I just was not sure of this one but it so well written and deals with some very tough issues so carefully
3 dolls
thank you netgalley for letting me read and review

2 responses to “Saving Grace by JANE Green

  1. I haven’t read any of Jane Green’s books, but you’ve tempted me to read this one!

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