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When smiles fade by Paige Dearth

on October 10, 2015

 I loved this book so gripping you all got to read

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When smiles fade by Paige Dearth

Wow you all got to read this book
This is the second book by Paige I read and wow I loved it I was hooked from the first page to the last it just so gripping to read this story will stay with you long after you read it i found it so thought provoking too it packed with twist and turns it a very dark deep read again it so well written just like ‘ Believe like a child’ was it will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read

It was very hard to read at time the child abuse was very hard to read it was so bad it was repetitive rape I really felt for them my heart stings were being pulled at all the way through this story

Emna my heart when out to her she just wanted a normal life did she get one ? You got to read to see what a brilliant character what strength she had

This story shows you the bravery and courage these girls showed what a life they had I found it heartbreaking to read I was glued to the story I needed tpo know what happened to them I was rooting for Emma I loved her sprit what a girl so brave
I found it a very compelling read it was very graphic in places but it was wrote so brilliantly making a very powerful read
You will feel all the girls pain terror what love the sister had for each other
This book a must read book

thank you netgalley for letting me and review


One response to “When smiles fade by Paige Dearth

  1. This sounds like quite a difficult book to read, but hopefully the bravery will shine through.
    I don’t think I could read it though. I read a few books like it when I was younger (The Boy Called It), but I don’t fancy these types of books anymore.
    Wow, thats a huge load of Netgalley reviews you have done. You should have another special reviewers badge! 😉


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