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The temperature is dropping, snow is on its way and Hayley Walker is heading for New York with one wish … to start over.

With her daughter Angel, Hayley is ready for adventure. But there’s more to New York than twinkly lights and breathtaking skyscrapers. Angel has her own Christmas wish – to find her real dad.

While Hayley tries to fulfil her daughter’s wish, she crosses paths with billionaire Oliver Drummond. Restless and bored with fast living, there’s something intriguing about him that has Hayley hooked.

Can Hayley dare to think her own dreams might come true – could A New York Christmas turn into a New York Forever?

Travel to the Big Apple this Christmas and join Hayley and Oliver as they realise life isn’t just about filling the minutes … it’s about making every moment count.

MANDY got a way of pulling you into the story straight away
I loved the cover it makes you want to pick up to read
MANDY got a way of making the scenes come to life you could feel and see it all in my mind
This story hooked me from the first few words to the last line I did not want the story to finish it will make you laugh so much

As most of you know New York my favourite place I love it there this makes a wonderful backdrop to the story it packed with places you will know it a perfect Christmas read .Mandy description are so real you feel you been to new York by the time you finished this book

Hayley and Angel are very likable characters I loved then both i think you will too
I was not to sure of Oliver you start with but then I warmed to him
The romance between him and Hayley was fun to read about that one part of the story the other finding Amy dad both fall into place so easily making it a very lovely story it so easy to read
It a book about love friendship and family I loved you all to read I can not praise enough
Wow the end was so cool I felt the issues Hayley and Oliver were dealing with were told so well it was emotional to read at times I felt for them so much you will want them both to be happy
It just a lovely heartwarming Christmassy read it so well written It got a few very complex characters that you will love and want them to be happy
I enjoy all the twists and turns
I can not recommended this book enough mandy a very talented author who a very wonderfulk storyteller I love her books

4 dolls Thank you netgalley for letting me read and review


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THIS WEEK ‪#‎Ajscoolcoverchallenge who going to join me ?

Who in this week

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THIS WEEK ‪#‎Ajscoolcoverchallenge‬
who going to join me ?


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Join me and read books that are Christmas books from 29 th of November till 5th DECEMBER

If tweeting, please use the hashtag and on any post we do #Ajscoolcoverchallenge so we can keep track and we all can see what we are reading
Enjoy reading this week Aj’s cool cover challenge thanks for taking part .

Who would like to join just a bit of fun you can read just one book or read all week


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children book day Kippers Alphabet I Spy


 children book day Kippers Alphabet I Spy

Phonics: Level 1
Read With Biff, Chip & Kipper

Getting ready to read
Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper is designed to help children learn to read. Created by reading experts and based on current teaching practice, the lively stories, humorous illustrations and clear progression will ensure your child succeeds.

Play I Spy with Kipper.


This book is excellent. It has 2-3 letters to a page with illustrations that begin with the letters. It shows how the letters are formed with starting points and arrows to guide you to write them.

It makes it easier to learn the alphabet with having a couple of letters to a page as you can concentrate on getting those right before going on to learning some more.

My daughter is enjoying this book as it is fun because it is a game of I spy! Hopefully she will learn the alphabet a lot quicker using this book!

thank you Gemma a fab review


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Eleven-year-old Maggie Clarke is abducted from her loving family and thrust into the indescribably horrific and largely unknown underworld of human sex trafficking. In captivity, Maggie’s life turns into a nightmare most children couldn’t imagine. When Maggie isn’t being sold to clients, she focuses on caring for Seth, a young boy who was also abducted.

With the help of Detective Rae Harker, the Clarkes’ frantically search for their daughter. Haunted by his own demons, Detective Harker vows to find Maggie—dead or alive.

Years after Maggie is abducted, a strange man approaches her with a dangerous proposition and she risks everything to break free of the network of unsavory characters that control her. Not even she can know how far she will go to get even with the people who ruined her life.

An unforgettable story of courage and survival, One Among Us serves as an eye-opening reminder that horrible things can happen to anyone—it’s how people deal with their circumstances that matters

WOW again I was so gripped by this story it so well written.

I could feel all the pain terror and love the characters felt it was very emotional at times Paige tells you the truth it was very graphic at times
The abuse was very hard hitting but it was all so very powerful to read it will just grip you I found it a very heart felt read
As you read you are pulled into this roller coaster of a tale it will pull at your heart strings
I not going to tell you what happens I want you to read Paige is a brilliant writer and storyteller she just captures you into the plot she a very talented author I have loved all three of her books I have read you know that Paige had some experience in some areas of this story you can tell as she writes so openly about the abuse ,children and trafficking ect it was very hard to read but the plot will hook you you will want to help them so much I felt for them
A brilliant book
5 dolls
A must read book
Thank you netgalley for letting me read and review




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What if you were trapped between two cultures?

Life is tough in 1870s Wyoming. But it’s tougher still when you’re a girl who looks Chinese but speaks like an American.

Orphaned as a baby and taken in by an American family, Charity Walker knows this only too well. The mounting tensions between the new Chinese immigrants and the locals in the mining town of Carter see her shunned by both communities.

When Charity’s one friend, Joe, leaves town, she finds herself isolated. However, in his absence, a new friendship with the only other Chinese girl in Carter makes her feel like she finally belongs somewhere.

But, for a lost girl like Charity, finding a place to call home was never going to be that easy …

Genre: Historical Romantic Fiction

Release Date: 16th October, 2015

Publisher: Choc Lit





Liz Harris lives south of Oxford. Her debut novel was THE ROAD BACK (US Coffee Time & Romance Book of 2012), followed by A BARGAIN STRUCK (shortlisted for the RoNA Historical 2013), EVIE UNDERCOVER, THE ART OF DECEPTION and A WESTERN HEART. All of her novels, which are published by Choc Lit, have been shortlisted in their categories in the Festival of Romantic Fiction. In addition, Liz has had several short stories published in anthologies. Her interests are theatre, travelling, reading, cinema and cryptic crosswords.







ecopy of the book



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Free book Tuesday my review

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Two ex-friends. One Christmas to remember …

Bobbie’s boss Carol is a real misery-guts, dedicated to making the lives of everyone around her unhappy in pursuit of every last penny. What makes it worse is that the two women have history: they were once best friends.

When handsome hotelier Charlie steps into the frame the two women go to battle as one sees a romantic future and the other a possible lifeboat for her business.

With wonderful warmth and humour – and the odd mince pie fight – the women are forced to confront their shared past, the turbulent present and, most importantly, the potential of the future.
This book a very heartwarming read i did enjoy it .It will make you laugh the characters are so good and very believable some are so funny as you read it will pull on your heartstrings

It a story about love , friendship and family

Bobbie I really liked she seem a bit short of cash sometimes she was a person that like to or did scrim and save she was saving some cash for her brother Tim he needed a operation they hoped he could go privately

Bobbie did not seem very happy with her life she did not seem to have much of a life outside of work i felt she was stuck in her way a bit

Bobbie was a very close at one time to her boss Carol but she not any more we do get to hear why things were so hard for them they are so funny together they made me laugh so much

Carol could be bossy and mean at times she was a penny pinching person she so watch her money i not sure why she was not shot of money may be that why
Both characters had so much charm and humour they just work so well together

The book very much like a christmas carol . I just wanted them both to become friends again sometime it was a bit predictable but this did not put me off it a very well written book it a fast paced book to read a page turner

i just loved the friendship they had both were so different did they fall out over a man ? What did you think?
The story got a bit of romance in there to the story just keeps you on the edge all the time it a lovely christmas book a very enjoyable read all the characters are wonderful i loved all the humour in the book to it was a bit predictable at times but i enjoy it so much a fab read

4 dolls ( 4 stars)

Please check price before you buy as it was free when I reviewed but it may have chance .

Here the amazon link
Humbugs and Heartstrings https://www.amazon.co.uk/…/…/d/B00NEJS3IA/ref=aw_ss_kndl_dp/

A tale about love and friendships, complete with a sprinkling of Christmas magic. Perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan and Lucy Diamond.Two ex-friends. One Christmas to remember …Bobbie’s boss Carol is a real misery-guts, dedicated to making…

East End Christmas by Elizabeth Waite

Carla Scofield has looked after her family since she was a teenager but it’s never been a bother because there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for those closest to her. Warm, friendly, and with the ability to make everyone around her laugh, she carries her burden proudly. As the years roll past, Carla sees life around her change dramatically. Wartime brings new challenges and a new job for Carla in a sewing factory, and she shines. It also brings with it love and Carla has a chance at real happiness – but not everyone is rooting for her. With Christmas ahead of her, and her sights set firmly on love and the future, will she be too distracted to sense the danger before it is too late?


wow I love this book i read it in a night from the first few words I was hooked
it a very emotional story it’s a lovely family saga
Carla was always there for her family I really felt for her family means everything to this young lady her love for her Grandad shine it was so lovely to read about but then the War started and her life change forever she was sent to a sewing factory reading about this was very interesting i got a good picture of it all in my head and I could see them all making the clothes could you find happiness at last ?
you have to read to find out
we are took on Carla journey of her life I was rooting for her I bet you will be too I really wanted it to be happy I love that she grew as the book when on she became a very strong and Powerful young lady her family loved her so much and were always there for her you will soon be part of the family is a lovely story about Clara and her family before during and after the war I felt it was so realistic I could picture the whole wonderful story in my mind
This young lady get what she wants out of her life it was tough but it shows you that you should always follow your dreams and go for things
A very well written story great for any time of the year but this story show you Christmas is for love and family’s
5 dolls

Elizabeth Waite was born in Tooting, South London and lived there until she was 34. During the war she worked as a bus conductress at Merton Garage. In 1956 she and her husband moved to Devon and bought their first guesthouse. Now retired, Elizabeth lives in East Sussex. An East End Christmas is her eighteenth novel



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Ajscoolcoverchallenge who inthis week


THIS WEEK Ajscoolcoverchallenge is ?


who going to join me ?


#‎Ajscoolcoverchallenge‬ Join me and read books that are Christmas books   from 23 th of November  till 29th of  November

If tweeting, please use the hashtag and on any post we do #Ajscoolcoverchallenge so we can keep track and we all can see what we are reading
Enjoy reading this week Aj’s cool cover challenge thanks for taking part .

Who would like to join just a bit of fun you can read just one book or read all week



Searching for Grace Kelly by M.G callahan

Searching for Grace Kelly by M.G callahan

A stunning debut novel about three young women and their search for life and love in 1950s New York
Is a brilliant debut novel easy to follow I did like the writting style
The characters seem to come alive as you read as you know i love Grace Kelly and I also love this ere the 19 50th the book set in it about three on women that look very different but they seem to strike up a lovely friendship they all got very different personality I couldn’t imagine it all in my head the wonderful descriptions of this ere and the hotel Barbizon in New York i was there with them all
Lauura was from New England she was a great character
Dolly was working as a temp she seemed a bit put out by her background and wishes come from so were else
Valerie was very sophisticated she was a cigarette girl in a top nightclubs she wanted to be a singer we go on the girls day to day events
we meet there not so nice bosses or boyfriends the girl finds themselves on the not so glamours world of New York did you get pulled into the story i was so hooked it so glamour

i really enjoyed this book it very fast-paced read it’s about the girl and the girls day to day life’s it got a beautiful side to it i loved all the wonderful descriptions that really brought the story to life you can tell the author done a lot of research for this book

About the Author
M. G. Callahan is an experienced journalist who has just taken a new position as Contributing Editor for Vanity Fair.

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Two mothers generations apart, unknown to each other. Neither has a clue of the devastation and heartbreak their actions have caused. Neither understands the damage they have done to their own offspring; one by deserting her family, one by staying. But both are the same; greedy and demanding. They both wanted more, and they pushed their husbands to the brink to get it. Rings of Smoke is a crime thriller set in 1970’s northern England, where the Fallon family, recently emigrated from Ireland, now live. When the mother, Helen, leaves her husband for another man, eldest daughter Erin sets off to search for her, unaware that she has been stalked by a serial killer for the last six weeks. All Erin wants is to find her mother and bring her home. What she encounters is Leonard Fitch, an eminent surgeon with a deep, dark secret. Now, in a secluded forest ranger’s lodge, Erin must fight to survive or never see her family again.
This is the first book I have pick up and read by Diana and I got to say I really did enjoy it
I found the plot so gripping and tense I was glued to the story

It was so easy to follow I could picture all of the characters in my mind i was with them
I did find the first few chapters a bit graphic and a bit disturbing so please bear this in my mind but I felt this helped to pull you into the plot you need to know what happen to get the story but I did find it a bit hard to read

You could really understand the characters I felt for them all i did get right inside there heads I felt all thier fear love and terror sometimes the violence was a bit shocking but I makes the plot so good this story has it all a hard hitting story lots of gore and murder what more could you want ?

I did find the parents a bit selfish at times did you think that ?
The dad was a but wired he seem not to be with it must of the time but I found them very interesting what did you thing of them?
The plot full of twist and turns which I enjoyed this book a real page turner please read you will love it
I like the writing style it so well written
A must read book
I would like to thank crime book club for letting me read and review

Diane O’Toole was born in Manchester into a large family of seven brothers and five sisters. As a child her playground was Belle Vue, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. She has always been known as a storyteller. As a very young girl, she developed a voracious passion for books, and read all the classics: Dickens, Eliot, Trollope, and Hardy. During her teens it was Stephen King and James Herbert, and then she got a taste of the political thriller with Daniel Silva’s Moscow Rules. For Rings of Smoke, she drew on real life experiences, particularly in respect of the protagonist Erin Fallon. With stalkers, a runaway mother and abduction, she had the bones of a great story, which has since been transformed in Rings of Smoke

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