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on November 20, 2015


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Two mothers generations apart, unknown to each other. Neither has a clue of the devastation and heartbreak their actions have caused. Neither understands the damage they have done to their own offspring; one by deserting her family, one by staying. But both are the same; greedy and demanding. They both wanted more, and they pushed their husbands to the brink to get it. Rings of Smoke is a crime thriller set in 1970’s northern England, where the Fallon family, recently emigrated from Ireland, now live. When the mother, Helen, leaves her husband for another man, eldest daughter Erin sets off to search for her, unaware that she has been stalked by a serial killer for the last six weeks. All Erin wants is to find her mother and bring her home. What she encounters is Leonard Fitch, an eminent surgeon with a deep, dark secret. Now, in a secluded forest ranger’s lodge, Erin must fight to survive or never see her family again.
This is the first book I have pick up and read by Diana and I got to say I really did enjoy it
I found the plot so gripping and tense I was glued to the story

It was so easy to follow I could picture all of the characters in my mind i was with them
I did find the first few chapters a bit graphic and a bit disturbing so please bear this in my mind but I felt this helped to pull you into the plot you need to know what happen to get the story but I did find it a bit hard to read

You could really understand the characters I felt for them all i did get right inside there heads I felt all thier fear love and terror sometimes the violence was a bit shocking but I makes the plot so good this story has it all a hard hitting story lots of gore and murder what more could you want ?

I did find the parents a bit selfish at times did you think that ?
The dad was a but wired he seem not to be with it must of the time but I found them very interesting what did you thing of them?
The plot full of twist and turns which I enjoyed this book a real page turner please read you will love it
I like the writing style it so well written
A must read book
I would like to thank crime book club for letting me read and review

Diane O’Toole was born in Manchester into a large family of seven brothers and five sisters. As a child her playground was Belle Vue, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. She has always been known as a storyteller. As a very young girl, she developed a voracious passion for books, and read all the classics: Dickens, Eliot, Trollope, and Hardy. During her teens it was Stephen King and James Herbert, and then she got a taste of the political thriller with Daniel Silva’s Moscow Rules. For Rings of Smoke, she drew on real life experiences, particularly in respect of the protagonist Erin Fallon. With stalkers, a runaway mother and abduction, she had the bones of a great story, which has since been transformed in Rings of Smoke


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