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Searching for Grace Kelly by M.G callahan

on November 21, 2015

Searching for Grace Kelly by M.G callahan

A stunning debut novel about three young women and their search for life and love in 1950s New York
Is a brilliant debut novel easy to follow I did like the writting style
The characters seem to come alive as you read as you know i love Grace Kelly and I also love this ere the 19 50th the book set in it about three on women that look very different but they seem to strike up a lovely friendship they all got very different personality I couldn’t imagine it all in my head the wonderful descriptions of this ere and the hotel Barbizon in New York i was there with them all
Lauura was from New England she was a great character
Dolly was working as a temp she seemed a bit put out by her background and wishes come from so were else
Valerie was very sophisticated she was a cigarette girl in a top nightclubs she wanted to be a singer we go on the girls day to day events
we meet there not so nice bosses or boyfriends the girl finds themselves on the not so glamours world of New York did you get pulled into the story i was so hooked it so glamour

i really enjoyed this book it very fast-paced read it’s about the girl and the girls day to day life’s it got a beautiful side to it i loved all the wonderful descriptions that really brought the story to life you can tell the author done a lot of research for this book

About the Author
M. G. Callahan is an experienced journalist who has just taken a new position as Contributing Editor for Vanity Fair.

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