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on November 23, 2015

East End Christmas by Elizabeth Waite

Carla Scofield has looked after her family since she was a teenager but it’s never been a bother because there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for those closest to her. Warm, friendly, and with the ability to make everyone around her laugh, she carries her burden proudly. As the years roll past, Carla sees life around her change dramatically. Wartime brings new challenges and a new job for Carla in a sewing factory, and she shines. It also brings with it love and Carla has a chance at real happiness – but not everyone is rooting for her. With Christmas ahead of her, and her sights set firmly on love and the future, will she be too distracted to sense the danger before it is too late?


wow I love this book i read it in a night from the first few words I was hooked
it a very emotional story it’s a lovely family saga
Carla was always there for her family I really felt for her family means everything to this young lady her love for her Grandad shine it was so lovely to read about but then the War started and her life change forever she was sent to a sewing factory reading about this was very interesting i got a good picture of it all in my head and I could see them all making the clothes could you find happiness at last ?
you have to read to find out
we are took on Carla journey of her life I was rooting for her I bet you will be too I really wanted it to be happy I love that she grew as the book when on she became a very strong and Powerful young lady her family loved her so much and were always there for her you will soon be part of the family is a lovely story about Clara and her family before during and after the war I felt it was so realistic I could picture the whole wonderful story in my mind
This young lady get what she wants out of her life it was tough but it shows you that you should always follow your dreams and go for things
A very well written story great for any time of the year but this story show you Christmas is for love and family’s
5 dolls

Elizabeth Waite was born in Tooting, South London and lived there until she was 34. During the war she worked as a bus conductress at Merton Garage. In 1956 she and her husband moved to Devon and bought their first guesthouse. Now retired, Elizabeth lives in East Sussex. An East End Christmas is her eighteenth novel




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