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Another heart beat in the house by Kate Beaufoy

on December 3, 2015
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Another heart beat in the house by Kate Beaufoy

Two women living a hundred years apart. One home that binds them together. When Edie Chadwick travels to Ireland to close up her uncle’s lakeside lodge, it’s as much to escape the burden of guilt she’s carrying as to break loose from the smart set of 1930’s London. The old house is full of memories – not just her own, but those of a woman whose story has been left to gather dust in a chest in the attic: a handwritten memoir inscribed with an elegant signature…Eliza Drury As she turns the pages of the manuscript, Edie uncovers secrets she could never have imagined: an exciting tale of ambition, hardship, love and tragedy – a story that has waited a lifetime to be told…”A delightful story, rich, engrossing and vividly told.” (Rachel Hore). “A compelling, atmospheric story brimming with period detail about two feisty, independent heroines who will steal your heart.”


I enjoyed this book so much that I’ve got to say that Liberty silk was my favourite but this story is still very well written and very easy to follow you could see that Kate done a lot of research into this story it shine as your read

I loved the way the two eras joined together the 1930s and the 19th in the 1840s Edie and Eliza lived hundred years apart but they story join together you will be lost in this wonderful story it will just captures you

Edie dog dies he was so like a person to her she loved that dog he was her life she was a copy editor she seem to hate her JB or did she ?

Eliza was going to help sort out her uncle’s house she finds Edie journal then a this magical story begins and you’ll be so pulled into the plot you could you see all the scenes in your mind is so well written with wonderful description of the places and times you will see it all you will be pulled into the wonderful story

I not going to tell you the plot as I want you to read as it a beautifully crafted mix of fiction and fact I could but it down
Beautifully written book i love you all to read
Thank you netgalley for letting me read and review
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One response to “Another heart beat in the house by Kate Beaufoy

  1. dawn says:

    oh great, I’ll move it higher up in my tbr pile!

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