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The winter wedding by Abby Clements

on December 3, 2015


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The winter wedding by
Abby Clements
I love this book the cover is very nice too makes you want to pick up to read such warm winter colours
Abby writing style it’s so easy to read it got a nice flow to it I enjoyed all the characters in this book they soon became my friends they were very friendly and fun
Abby’s cakes sounded amazing I could eat them all I could also a picture of them in my mind
I love the Bake Off her and hazle going head to head I could see them both setting up their tables making the cake it sounded great fun I wanted to be there with them it will put a smile on your face and you’ll be laughing too I was

Hazel is a great character I love her so much she just made me smile her creativity is wonderful to read about I also love the job that she had I love the sets she made but I also enjoyed when she decided to become a wedding planner how did she get that job you may well ask but I want you to read to see for you self
She did not seem to have much luck with men it could all that change very soon with Sam and Josh on the scene I was not sure who she would pick but I just wanted her to be happy i love another book about all the characters I find them so interesting and wanted to know more about them what happen next?
I’m not going to tell you about this story as I want you to read the winter wedding is such a romantic book with such wonderfull characters you will see all the plans for the wedding that Hazel was planning how did Hazel end up helping her sister out it is such a lovely read by very talented author
a great book to pick up on a very cold winter evening to sit down with and enjoy with a nice hot chocolate
I would recommend you all read a lovely book
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