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The Silent girls by Ann Troup


The Silent girls by Ann Troup

What if everything you knew was a lie…
This house has a past that won’t stay hidden, and it is time for the dead to speak.

Returning to Number 17, Coronation Square, Edie is shocked to find the place she remembers from childhood reeks of mould and decay. After her aunt Dolly’s death Edie must clear out the home on a street known for five vicious murders many years ago, but under the dirt and grime of years of neglect lurk dangerous truths.

For in this dark house there is misery, sin and dark secrets that can no longer stay hidden. The truth must come out.

Finding herself dragged back into the horrific murders of the past, Edie must find out what really happened all those years ago. But as Edie uncovers the history of the family she had all but forgotten, she begins to wonder if sometimes it isn’t best to leave them buried.

From the bestselling author of The Lost Child don’t miss The Silent Girls


it will hook you as soon as you start to read
It packed with lots of twist and the tension builds up at a very fast paced it’s got some laugh out loud moments in it to which I enjoy they seem to come at the right time

I loved the link of the square and all the different characters came together in a brilliant plot

The characters seem to grow as the story moves on they were very believable and they seem to came to life and descriptions of them were so real you can see them all

Edie and Sophie relationship was so cool but who could she trust ?
The house holds so many secrets some were very deep you had to read between the layers of the story which made it a deeper read I felt
Sophie I loved her she was a bit loud mouth at times at bit rough but her and Edie seem to be good for each other which I thought was good they both seem a bit vulnerable at times and they need each other which was good to see they relationship grown

As i said the plot very deep and the tension build up very slowly making it becomes a real page turner you want to know what’s going to happen next ?
I bet your be so caught it this plot I was
what did happen all those years ago?
It just a gripping thriller and the story will leaves you guessing right up until the end
I was a bit surprise at the ending was you did you guess ?
I got to say it a book i really cannot put my kindle down I got find who done it

A brilliant book by a very talented author I do love Ann writing style she got a fabulous way of making the story flow so effortlessly but pulling you into the plot making you want to read till the end
A must read book
I can not praise this book enough
I’d like to say thank you Neverland Blog tours for letting me be part of this book tour

A must read books for you all

About Ann Troup
Ann Troup tells tales and can always make something out of nothing (which means she writes books and can create unique things from stuff other people might not glance twice at). She was once awarded 11 out of 10 for a piece of poetry at school – she now holds that teacher entirely responsible for her inclination to write.
Her writing space is known as ‘the empty nest’, having formerly been her daughters bedroom. She shares this space with ten tons of junk and an elderly Westie, named Rooney, who is her constant companion whether she likes it or not. He likes to contribute to the creative process by going to sleep on top of her paperwork and running away with crucial post-it notes, which have inadvertently become stuck to his fur. She is thinking of renaming him Gremlin.
She lives by the sea in Devon with her husband and said dog. Two children have been known to remember the place that they call home, but mainly when they are in need of a decent roast dinner, it’s Christmas or when only Mum will do. She also has extremely decent stepchildren.
In a former incarnation she was psychiatric nurse, an experience which frequently informs her writing.



A must read book brilliant

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While her mother is at home giving birth, eleven-year-old Isa must look after her younger siblings, but when her little sister is killed in an accident on a trainline she carries the guilt through the rest of her life. As Isa grows up, more tragedy strikes: her mother dies of a broken heart after giving birth to a stillborn son, and her father finds solace in heavy drinking. Though Isa finds satisfaction in domestic service for an aristocratic family in London, when her father returns home from the First World War paralysed and suffering memory loss, she must return home to take care of her family once more. Yet there is only so much Isa can endure over the years, and discovering her husband’s affair is the final straw. Believing she has failed as a sister, a daughter, a wife and a mother, she makes an irrevocable decision…but will she realise in time that her troubled past can also give her the strength to carry on? A tale of family tragedy and the struggle to let go of the past, Her Sister’s Gift is a heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting debut

Wow what a brilliant debut book.
I loved it I can not praise enough a very moving uplifting story by a very talented author
This book was in inspired by Isabel own Grandparents and their dramatic life
As you read it becomes a story you need to know what’s going to happen next if you are reading this book in a break at work do not as it a real page turner you will not be able to put it down .

I was hooked from the first page to the last word I got to say i did find it very sad and moving in places you may need a tissue but it’s also a very moving and inspirational story of family love and their life’s
I fell in love with all the characters Isabel’s description of them was so good they became so real you will feel you are part of the family I was there with them you really do feel all the hardship and heartache they had to live with .
Isabel’s life was so tough very gruelling at times I felt she was lovely young lady she worked so hard and her determination was so outstanding you will feel how hard it was during the First World War I love the way Isabel described it to you it’s so easy to picture it all in your head you’ll feel your there part of it . you’re be so draw into the story it’s just flows so effortlessly it’s so well written
A brilliant debut novel very well researched i have to say I like her grandparent were part of it i bet it was so good to hear their story’s and make them part of her research for this wonderful book
Isabel passion for her story shines as you read
I would love you all to read it
i can not praise book this book enough it’s a real page turner I did read in 2 days I was hooked
I like to thank Black and White publishing for letting me be part of this booked tour

As I said before it is a brilliant debut novel
and I think everyone should read this book

5 dolls


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What if you were approaching the end of your thirties and all of the life milestones you took for granted in your youth suddenly seemed out of reach?

On the eve of her thirty-ninth birthday, Maggie Piper doesn’t look, act, or feel much different than she did at twenty-nine, but with her fortieth birthday speeding toward her like a freight train, she wonders if she should. The fear of a slowing metabolism, wrinkling of her skin, and the ticking of her biological clock leaves Maggie torn between a desire to settle down like most of her similarly aged peers and concern that all is not perfect in her existing relationship. When a spontaneous request for a temporary “break” from her live-in boyfriend results in a “break-up,” Maggie finds herself single once again and only twelve months from the big 4.0. In the profound yet bumpy year that follows, Maggie will learn, sometimes painfully, that life doesn’t always happen on a schedule, there are no deadlines in love, and age really is just a number.

In this mature coming of age novel, Meredith Schorr, best-selling author of light women’s fiction, digs deep and raises the age old issue of the ‘proverbial clock’ that haunts many women,in a way that is refreshing and sassy no matter your age or relationship status.

I have not read any of Meredith books before so I was not sure what to expect. I did enjoy this book it packed with fun and lots of humour. All the characters are great they will soon become your friends
The story about love,family and friends
It may be a happy ending you have to guess
Maggie is just a fabulous character she made me laugh so much she seem to have lots of fun her mum and aunt were such brilliant characters too I would die at some of the things they did I bet your will be laughter at them I was so much .
Her mum was just like my mum she said what she thinks sometimes I felt she was so wrong with her comments.

This book a great fun way to look at life
Maggie nearly 40th she seem so mixed up she was not sure of what she got now and life at 40th should be like
I felt the story was very well written it packed with so much fun and good fun times The characters are just so much fun you could relate to
I felt is a real feel good kind of book i say you take life as it comes live for the day enjoy your life while you can

4 dolls
Thank you netgalley for letting me read and review

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Heart conditions by Phoebe Fox

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Heart conditions by Phoebe Fox
Review by Suzanne
Brook Ogden, the Breakup Doctor, has a successful career. She’s answering people’s questions on the radio, she has her own column in a newspaper and her appointment schedule is so full she has now employed an intern. Even though professionally things are going great personally they could have been better. After a long time of silence she’s trying to become friends with Ben again. She offers to babysit his dog Jake which slowly makes them become a bit closer again after everything that happened. Brook’s ex Michael is back in town and there’s a lot of unfinished business they have to get through. There’s also something going on with Brook’s best friend, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Brook has no idea how to handle either of these situations, but she can’t sit still and do nothing…

It was great to read about Brook again. She’s such a wonderful main character. Of course she makes plenty of mistakes as she’s only human, but she’s also smart and resilient. I liked how everything is a learning process for Brook. I enjoyed to see her grow in this story. Ben is a sweetheart and I was glad to read more about him again. I also liked that Brook was able to talk things through with her ex. Phoebe Fox has a great way of describing things and I love the way she writes about what’s going on inside Brook’s mind.

Heart Conditions is a bit more serious than the previous two Breakup Doctor novels. I only found that same sense of humor in one scene and I missed it a little. Brook is more serious and she’s grown up and that’s visible in the story. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. She’s moving forward with her life and I was happy for her because of it. I liked this book and enjoyed reading about Brook’s profession as usual. For me that’s the best part of the series.

Thank you for doing this review Suzanne for my blog

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THIS WEEK ‪#‎Ajscoolcoverchallenge who going to join me

THIS WEEK ‪#‎Ajscoolcoverchallenge‬
who going to join me ?




#Ajscoolcoverchallenge Join me and read books that are Christmas books from 7th
0th of February till 13 th February

If tweeting, please use the hashtag and on any post we do #Ajscoolcoverchallenge so we can keep track and we all can see what we are reading
Enjoy reading this week Aj’s cool cover challenge thanks for taking part .

Who would like to join just a bit of fun you can read just one book or read all week
Hope you all have a good week x


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Genre: Contemporary Romance : Release Date: 1st July 2015

Publisher: Choc Lit @ChocLituk

Recommended by the WH Smith Travel Fiction Buyer

Shortlisted for the LoveStories Awards 2015

A Being Anne’s Book of the Year 2015

The Rest of My Life – When is it time to stop running?

“You can’t run away from commitment forever … “

Adam Hamilton-Shaw has more reason than most to avoid commitment. Living on a houseboat in the Severn Valley, his dream is to sail into the sunset – preferably with a woman waiting in every port. But lately, his life looks more like a road to destruction than an idyllic boat ride…

Would-be screenplay writer Sienna Meadows realises that everything about Adam spells trouble – but she can’t ignore the feeling that there is more to him than just his bad reputation. Nor can she ignore the intense physical attraction that exists between them.

And it just so happens that Adam sees Sienna as the kind of woman he could commit to. But can he change his damaging behaviour – or is the road to destruction a one-way street?

WATCH THE VIDEO!! https://youtu.be/7p319itbVKg




Choc Lit



Heartache, humour, love, loss & betrayal, Sheryl Browne brings you edgy, sexy, poignant fiction. A member of the Crime Writers’ Association, Romantic Novelists’ Association and shortlisted for the Best Romantic e-book Love Stories Award 2015, Sheryl has seven books published and two short stories in Birmingham City University anthologies

Sheryl’s new contemporary romance novel was recommended to the publisher by the WH Smith Travel fiction buyer. THE REST OF MY LIFE comes to you from award winning Choc Lit.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Loveahappyending Lifestyle


Safkhet Publishing | Choc Lit | Romantic Novelists’ Association
Win 1 ecopy of a Sheryl Browne book! You pick what book you want!!
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VIDEO TRAILER CODE – http://a%20href=

See More

When is it time to stop running?
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Stephanie Jane to my blog here her post on her favourite books of 2015

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Please welcome
Stephanie Jane to my blog here her post on her favourite books of 2015

Stephanie has also blogged this list on her blog please check out her blog and her wonderful reviews at

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (listened to in January 2015) – an incredibly emotional audiobook which tapped into relatively recent events in my life. Intended for young adults but just as powerful for older adults too.

Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekback (read in January 2015) – set in Lapland in 1717, this mysterious whodunnit transcends its genre to become an exploration of living in an incredibly inhospitable environment. Perfect winter reading as I really felt the bitter cold!

Rust Is A Form Of Fire by Joe Fiorito (read in February 2015) – Fiorito spent three days hanging around Toronto street corners just watching passers-by. This book is the result and I loved its poetic writing.

The Stove-Junker by S K Kalsi (read in March 2015) – this richly detailed novel of age, family and loss is worth reading just for its gorgeous prose, although the storyline is engrossing too.

Blue Talk And Love by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan (read in March 2015) – a sharp and insightful short story collection focusing on the lives of black women in America, primarily in New York. Mirlande Jean-Gilles’s art made for my favourite book cover of the year.

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (listened to in May 2015) – this dystopian vampire tale is realistically scary and the narrator, Robertson Dean, was perfect which added tremendously to the book’s atmosphere.

The True Picture by Alison Habens (read in August 2015) – my favourite book of the year! Vibrant historical fiction telling an imagined life of Saint Veronica. I loved the wonderful use of colour in Habens’ storytelling.

Ladder Of Years by Anne Tyler (read in August 2015) – I love Anne Tyler’s writing anyway, but found myself completely identifying with the lead character, Delia, in this one.

The Panda Theory by Pascal Garnier (read in September 2015) – atmospheric French noir with a creepily unsettling small town setting and brilliant cast of odd people.

The Piper’s Story by Wendy Isaac Bergin (read in November 2015) – gripping genre-surpassing horror tale that sweeps into romance, fairytale and historical fiction too.


Travel posts from our journeys around Europe in our caravan, book reviews, recipe posts, music finds and general lifestyle musings.

THANK YOU Stephanie Jane for her post on her favourite book 2015 some fab books please follow Stephanie on blog

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welcome @gurdgreenbear to my blog today

Please welcome @gurdgreenbear to my blog today
Please follow her too @GurdGreenBear
Best books i read in 2015 in no specific order. These are books i have bought, read, kept and highly recommended.

1. The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins – This book was thrilling and unputdownable. I bought it as soon as i could and started it pretty much straight away. It’s unpredictable and engrossing with some clever twist.

2. Summer’s Child by Diane Chamberlain-
Loved this book so much, the suspense and mystery was excellent. I LOVE this author!

3. The Life You Left by Carmel Harrington-
A captivating story of family, love, friendship and loss. It’s emotional, moving, charming and exciting with a hint of mystery solving. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain –
A Diane Chamberlain book never lets me down. This was another fantastic read, so enjoyable and well written. As usual, plenty of twists and turns.

5. Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley –
I was excited to start this as i’m a huge Trisha Ashley fan. This is a book with a pretty cover and an absorbing story. I had a good time in the cosy village of Halfhidden.

6. The Courage Tree by Diane Chamberlain –
This read was amazingly intriguing, gripping me from beginning to end. I honestly found this book very hard to put down as it was EXCELLENT! Diane Chamberlain is a true storyteller.

7. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes –
This book will stay with me forever! What an emotional rollercoaster of a ride through entwining worlds. I can’t describe how much i loved and enjoyed reading this, it was difficult to separate myself from it.

8. Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolff –
One word for this book – fantastic! So totally engrossing. A strong story with a fabulous setting and characters. You are guaranteed one emotional journey with this one. It was highly recommended to me personally and it certainly lived up to its recommendation.

9. The Blue by Lucy Clarke –
Oh Wow! ‘The Blue’ whisked me away to sea with its truly atmospheric adventures. It came with compelling twists and turns, very absorbing. I was lost and engaged with the characters on board. Amazing!

10. The Things We Do For Love by Alice Peterson –
An uplifting and emotional tale, tugging at the heartstrings. A great reading experience involving the issue and awareness of cerebral palsy, reading truly is learning.

11. A Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill –
Such a beautiful read with great literary quotes at the head of each chapter. What had me hooked and in suspense was the puzzle of the story, very entertaining. A romantic, feel-good perfect christmas read.

12. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh –
I could not put this book down, such a brilliant plot with shocking twists and turns. It was unsettling and utterly absorbing. A clever book taking you on a dark, emotional and disturbing journey. What a debut!

13. Christmas Wishes And Mistletoe Kisses by Jenny Hale –
If you want a dose of a cosy, romantic fairytale, this book is it! I read it during christmas as it’s the perfect festive treat. It was a sheer joy to read, very entralling.

14. A Mother’s Story by Amanda Prowse –
What a book! I loved every page of it from cover to cover. All i can say is this is an outstanding and remarkable book. I love Amanda’s writing style and this one is amazingly absorbing, dealing with a very sensitive and tough subject. Incredibly addictive read.

15. A Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah –
A book of human emotions, relationships, forgiveness, healing and overcoming loss. I found it well-written and engaging and as the story unravelled i was gripped!

That’s my list of 2015 best books, i’m sure 2016 will bring many more and once more my time will be stolen with exciting new reads. Happy New Year book lovers! And thank you Amanda for having me on your blog. X 💚

Thank you for doing this wonderful post some fantastic books there


Space Dreams: Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Book Adventure

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Space Dreams: Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Book Adventure
Author/publisher: LightBurst Media
Release Date: 12 December 2015

Today on my blog I going to promote this adult colouring book I just started to do them as my doctor said it be good for my hands after my opp

Space Dreams: Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Book Adventure features 38 original sci-fi illustrations for you to color and enjoy. Images are printed single sided so that you can easily cut them out. Immerse yourself in a land where robots, portals, aliens, and beautiful space villages exist. Pick a page that jumps out to you and let the fun begin!
-38 Original hand-drawn pages, no computer generated images
-Images printed single sided
-Perfect coloring book for men and women!
-Bonus offer to get two free images from Space Dreams, inside the book


Amazon – http://amzn.to/21Yh2i1

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28218006-space-dreams…

Teaser Video – https://youtu.be/MICGrumh_B0

Author Biography:

LightBurst Media is a publisher of unique adult coloring books. We use only original, hand-drawn art in our coloring books. Our first book, Space Dreams: Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Book Adventure, was published in December 2015. It is receiving a lot of good attention and is also a good adult coloring book for men as well as women. We have several other adult coloring books coming out in 2016. For more information about our new releases, promotions and giveaways visit our website at http://www.lightburstmedia.com/

You can also find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lightburstmedia. As well as on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter under lightburstmedia. We would love to hear from you!


Website – http://www.lightburstmedia.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/lightburstmedia
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lightburstmedia/

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/…/lightburst-media-adult-colorin…/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/lightburstmedia

This book is 7.99 on amazon now