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Heart conditions by Phoebe Fox

on February 10, 2016
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Heart conditions by Phoebe Fox
Review by Suzanne
Brook Ogden, the Breakup Doctor, has a successful career. She’s answering people’s questions on the radio, she has her own column in a newspaper and her appointment schedule is so full she has now employed an intern. Even though professionally things are going great personally they could have been better. After a long time of silence she’s trying to become friends with Ben again. She offers to babysit his dog Jake which slowly makes them become a bit closer again after everything that happened. Brook’s ex Michael is back in town and there’s a lot of unfinished business they have to get through. There’s also something going on with Brook’s best friend, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Brook has no idea how to handle either of these situations, but she can’t sit still and do nothing…

It was great to read about Brook again. She’s such a wonderful main character. Of course she makes plenty of mistakes as she’s only human, but she’s also smart and resilient. I liked how everything is a learning process for Brook. I enjoyed to see her grow in this story. Ben is a sweetheart and I was glad to read more about him again. I also liked that Brook was able to talk things through with her ex. Phoebe Fox has a great way of describing things and I love the way she writes about what’s going on inside Brook’s mind.

Heart Conditions is a bit more serious than the previous two Breakup Doctor novels. I only found that same sense of humor in one scene and I missed it a little. Brook is more serious and she’s grown up and that’s visible in the story. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. She’s moving forward with her life and I was happy for her because of it. I liked this book and enjoyed reading about Brook’s profession as usual. For me that’s the best part of the series.

Thank you for doing this review Suzanne for my blog


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