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on February 22, 2016

A must read book brilliant

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While her mother is at home giving birth, eleven-year-old Isa must look after her younger siblings, but when her little sister is killed in an accident on a trainline she carries the guilt through the rest of her life. As Isa grows up, more tragedy strikes: her mother dies of a broken heart after giving birth to a stillborn son, and her father finds solace in heavy drinking. Though Isa finds satisfaction in domestic service for an aristocratic family in London, when her father returns home from the First World War paralysed and suffering memory loss, she must return home to take care of her family once more. Yet there is only so much Isa can endure over the years, and discovering her husband’s affair is the final straw. Believing she has failed as a sister, a daughter, a wife and a mother, she makes an irrevocable decision…but will she realise in time that her troubled past can also give her the strength to carry on? A tale of family tragedy and the struggle to let go of the past, Her Sister’s Gift is a heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting debut

Wow what a brilliant debut book.
I loved it I can not praise enough a very moving uplifting story by a very talented author
This book was in inspired by Isabel own Grandparents and their dramatic life
As you read it becomes a story you need to know what’s going to happen next if you are reading this book in a break at work do not as it a real page turner you will not be able to put it down .

I was hooked from the first page to the last word I got to say i did find it very sad and moving in places you may need a tissue but it’s also a very moving and inspirational story of family love and their life’s
I fell in love with all the characters Isabel’s description of them was so good they became so real you will feel you are part of the family I was there with them you really do feel all the hardship and heartache they had to live with .
Isabel’s life was so tough very gruelling at times I felt she was lovely young lady she worked so hard and her determination was so outstanding you will feel how hard it was during the First World War I love the way Isabel described it to you it’s so easy to picture it all in your head you’ll feel your there part of it . you’re be so draw into the story it’s just flows so effortlessly it’s so well written
A brilliant debut novel very well researched i have to say I like her grandparent were part of it i bet it was so good to hear their story’s and make them part of her research for this wonderful book
Isabel passion for her story shines as you read
I would love you all to read it
i can not praise book this book enough it’s a real page turner I did read in 2 days I was hooked
I like to thank Black and White publishing for letting me be part of this booked tour

As I said before it is a brilliant debut novel
and I think everyone should read this book

5 dolls



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