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The Silent girls by Ann Troup

on February 28, 2016


The Silent girls by Ann Troup

What if everything you knew was a lie…
This house has a past that won’t stay hidden, and it is time for the dead to speak.

Returning to Number 17, Coronation Square, Edie is shocked to find the place she remembers from childhood reeks of mould and decay. After her aunt Dolly’s death Edie must clear out the home on a street known for five vicious murders many years ago, but under the dirt and grime of years of neglect lurk dangerous truths.

For in this dark house there is misery, sin and dark secrets that can no longer stay hidden. The truth must come out.

Finding herself dragged back into the horrific murders of the past, Edie must find out what really happened all those years ago. But as Edie uncovers the history of the family she had all but forgotten, she begins to wonder if sometimes it isn’t best to leave them buried.

From the bestselling author of The Lost Child don’t miss The Silent Girls


it will hook you as soon as you start to read
It packed with lots of twist and the tension builds up at a very fast paced it’s got some laugh out loud moments in it to which I enjoy they seem to come at the right time

I loved the link of the square and all the different characters came together in a brilliant plot

The characters seem to grow as the story moves on they were very believable and they seem to came to life and descriptions of them were so real you can see them all

Edie and Sophie relationship was so cool but who could she trust ?
The house holds so many secrets some were very deep you had to read between the layers of the story which made it a deeper read I felt
Sophie I loved her she was a bit loud mouth at times at bit rough but her and Edie seem to be good for each other which I thought was good they both seem a bit vulnerable at times and they need each other which was good to see they relationship grown

As i said the plot very deep and the tension build up very slowly making it becomes a real page turner you want to know what’s going to happen next ?
I bet your be so caught it this plot I was
what did happen all those years ago?
It just a gripping thriller and the story will leaves you guessing right up until the end
I was a bit surprise at the ending was you did you guess ?
I got to say it a book i really cannot put my kindle down I got find who done it

A brilliant book by a very talented author I do love Ann writing style she got a fabulous way of making the story flow so effortlessly but pulling you into the plot making you want to read till the end
A must read book
I can not praise this book enough
I’d like to say thank you Neverland Blog tours for letting me be part of this book tour

A must read books for you all

About Ann Troup
Ann Troup tells tales and can always make something out of nothing (which means she writes books and can create unique things from stuff other people might not glance twice at). She was once awarded 11 out of 10 for a piece of poetry at school – she now holds that teacher entirely responsible for her inclination to write.
Her writing space is known as ‘the empty nest’, having formerly been her daughters bedroom. She shares this space with ten tons of junk and an elderly Westie, named Rooney, who is her constant companion whether she likes it or not. He likes to contribute to the creative process by going to sleep on top of her paperwork and running away with crucial post-it notes, which have inadvertently become stuck to his fur. She is thinking of renaming him Gremlin.
She lives by the sea in Devon with her husband and said dog. Two children have been known to remember the place that they call home, but mainly when they are in need of a decent roast dinner, it’s Christmas or when only Mum will do. She also has extremely decent stepchildren.
In a former incarnation she was psychiatric nurse, an experience which frequently informs her writing.


2 responses to “The Silent girls by Ann Troup

  1. mudpilewood says:

    This sounds like a book I would enjoy, thank you for writing such a strong positive review. I will add it to my book pile for summer reading.

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