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Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

on March 13, 2016

Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Tanya review

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book focuses on three best friends – Paige, Frankie and Eva – who lose their jobs in the event industry. Paige considers setting up her own event business with Frankie and Eva after some encouragement from Jake, her brother’s best friend. Paige’s brother, Matt, is not so keen on her taking the plunge but sets out to help her. Paige does not want to be told what to do after an upbringing of constant fussing due to ill health. She also does not want the help of Jake but that is for other reasons.

I eagerly awaited the arrival of this book and believe me it was worth the wait. I love that it is going to be a series so there will be more to follow.

The book focuses on three girls who have known each other for a very long time; they live and work together in the big city of New York which is a vast change of Puffin Island. Paige Walker is a planner and enthusiastic young lady that tries to protect herself from hurt, she doesn’t like to stand out and likes the fact that there are so many people so that she can be anonymous in Manhattan. Then you have Eva who is a dreamer and believes in love and wants the dream that goes with it, she thinks the best of everyone. Frankie the third friend however does not believe in true love, as her mum had and still has a constant flow of boyfriends. She has a flair for gardening and is often the cynical voice of the group. The other main characters are Paige’s brother Matt who owns the house that they live in. His best friend is Jack Romano who is known to have many girlfriends but to never stay with them for long, keeping each at an arms length. He is a high flying business man in the information technology field and could help the girls a lot as he is a very influential person.

The girls lose their jobs at an events company and after much deliberating and struggles they set up an events company of their own. The book then goes on to cover the reason why Paige and Jack rub each other up the wrong way and how things develop between them. There are many twists and turns and what is good is that as the reader you are the person in the know of how they are both thinking and feeling. I just wanted them to be honest and open with each other from the start but understood why they weren’t and what was behind their concerns, this all adds to the story.

The book was such a great account of how things can change if you really try hard enough and how friendship is so important in many ways. I liked how the girls become surer of themselves as the book went on and how they showed that they are capable of the difficult role of event organisers. I never really appreciated how much would go into such events and it showed great research. I also liked how this book focussed on Paige and Jacks relationship but I have an incline what the next book will focus on.

The setting of Manhattan was so different to Sarah’s normal setting and her enthusiasm for this place shows. It certainly comes across as the city that never sleeps. It is now on my wish list to visit. Whilst on the subject of settings the roof garden in the house that Matt owns sounds amazing.

Well done Sarah on another great book and now hurry up and write the next one as I’m eagerly waiting.
Thank you Tanya a lovely review


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