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Romancing the Ranger by Jennie Marts

on March 14, 2016

Romancing the Ranger by Jennie Marts
Suzanne review this book

Reese’s ex-boyfriend only loves himself and to escape from him she drives to the countryside to get some air. There she meets ranger Wade who has been left by his fiancée and decides women aren’t worth the heartbreak. The only thing his ex left behind for him was a mountain of debt which he’s still paying off. Reese’s father is rich and Wade doesn’t want to have anything to do with wealthy city girls, but that proves to be impossible, because he likes Reese more than he wants to admit…

I loved the idea of a rich city girl who’s falling for a ranger. I liked Jennie Marts’s writing, it flows easily. Reese and Wade have a connection and it was interesting to see what would happen to them. I always love a good romantic story and of course was hoping they would get their happy ending. Reese wants to escape the city because she wants to reinvent herself, she wants to do what she loves and she doesn’t want to be a pushover any longer, which is really great. She could have been a little bit stronger, but she’s getting there and is growing into the woman she wants to be.

Wade has to overcome his fear of being left in debt by a woman. He’s afraid he can’t offer Reese the lifestyle she deserves. When there’s real love money isn’t important at all. That was a nice message. Wade finds out pretty late what love is really all about. I kept hoping he would see the error of his ways. He’s pretty damaged, but fortunately Reese is there to make him heal again. I liked that very much.

Romancing the Ranger is a light and fun story. It’s a nice romantic read with two interesting main characters. I loved the idea of the tough, but secretly vulnerable, ranger together with the spoiled, but secretly not materialistic city girl.
Thank you Suzanne a lovely review


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