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Copic pens

on March 30, 2016

Copic pens

Copic marker pens are a bit expensive I say put they are one of the best pens I used so they are worth getting if you can afford too.

They are alcohol based and are non toxic I do find them very fast drying and they do not seem to sear which I like .
I do fine the pens are smooth just like silk so nice to work with .They are very vibrant to which I love
The pens have a brush and a chisel tip which you can refill then too which makes it a pen for life I say you buy one then just fill it up .

A lot of manga artist seem to love them , and professional artist will recommend them to you so they must be very good to use I say .
You can also replace the nibs I do like the way they blend they just seem to blend so easily and so seamlessly you will find the more you go over the image the deeper it gets getting you a lovely bright colour

I will say at times they did seem to leak or bleed through the to the next page I do use a few sheets of paper at the back of what I colour I alway do this do you? To stop this
I do think they help to make your work look very professional.

Each pen is made by computerised colour matching machine which meets very strict manafacting stands that means that your Copic pens will never vary from batch to batch
I do like this pens very much I would love to buy more
I would recommend them to you all

So what is the Copic Color System?
The Copic Color System identifies and labels each Copic Color based on the color’s individual: Color Family,Saturation Number & Brightness Number.

The Color Family indicates what sort of color, i.e. red, blue-green, orange, etc
.The Saturation Number indicates how “rich” or how “dull” the color will appear (higher number = more dull)
The Brightness Number indicates how “dark” the color will appear (Higher number = darker

Do you like them ?
Thank you for reading my post AJq+


3 responses to “Copic pens

  1. Tanya Phillips says:

    I have never heard of these.

  2. kraftireader says:

    Not tried Coptic but have used promarkers for card making but not tried them in colouring books as I think they will bleed through the page.

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