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Welcome Tamara Kotton to my blog & how to use white pencils

on April 7, 2016

Welcome Tamara Kotton to my blog here a bit about herself and how to use your white pencils



Tamara is going to be a guess reviewer doing review for us
This post is about why Tamara loves to colour and her you tube video about how to use your white pencils
Coloring to me is an emotional therapy to me, why??? Well, see I have suffered for years with bipolar, SEVER PTSD, & chronic migraines on a daily basis, but as they say, you still have to live another day & make the day the best of it.
I have a lot of hobbies to keep busy, but the ones I adore the most is coloring. I have yet to find a book, I don’t love. I have close to 50 new adult coloring books, the Prisma colored pencils, Prisma art markers, a few Copics, most pf the Spectrum Noir art markers, Sharpies, Bic, Permante markers, Tombrows, Derwent colored pencils, crayola colored pencils, Araina’s vivid art colored pencils, Crazy Art colored pencils, Crayola markers, some gel pens, Just the fine tip metallic colored pencils, Stedlars colored fine tip markers, the cheap colored pencils from Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Target, I try them all, as I adore all mediums.
I want to try Faber Castells, & Lyrica’s too, & watercolors too. I see so much better colorings all over fb, pintrest, google, yahoo. And since I started coloring, I have noticed a lot of things in the shading of things, the layers, how colors are blending, its just getting it on paper I’m still learning.
Since I started coloring last summer, I have noticed a huge change in myself for the better, even my husband & therapist said I’m a lot happier & has seen a better me. I even started coloring before my therapist suggest it for me.
My sister&law & I are trying to get a local group on fb together for those t hat live in Kansas & Missouri, & for a local meet & greet too.
I have seen coloring help so many people. Its calming, soothing, de stressing, & its helping people focus on something they love, instead of whats all going on around you at once.
When, I’m out shopping or looking at coloring supplies, I always strike up a conversation with them, invite them to my fb group for those that are local, & even help find a good book for them, I have been told at a lot of the local crafts stores, they need to hire me as a guide to all the coloring books. LOL (Id do that for if I got paid in new coloring books or art supplies).
Coloring has taking me away from my problems with PTSD, & brought me more happiness then I thought I can feel again
There’s a lot of people who will tell you suffering from mental health issues isn’t easy, even with meds, until coloring came for us adults, in a HUGE way, now we have something to look forwards to other then, sadness, or mixed emotions of how you feel.
I’m by no means saying I’m a great colorist but I’m learning as I go, & I have the most fun at it too.
Thanks for giving me the wonderful opportunity to talk on your bog about coloring, & why I color, & the peace it brings me, & I hope others too as well.
~ Always~

Tamara Kotton

What a lovely heartfelt post thank you so much. Tamara going to doing review for us .


How to use your white pencils I found this on you tube as myself and many other do not use they white pencils is very good to see how to make the most of them

Do you use your white pencil much ?


I cover some of the many ways to make use of the white colored pencil! My favorite is the white luminance colored pencil. Adult coloring book…

2 responses to “Welcome Tamara Kotton to my blog & how to use white pencils

  1. ty so much for posting this, I hope those do on a daily basis suffer from mental illness, can find the comfort & relives I have in coloring. Don’t be afraid to learn something new ever day.

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